Snail eradication (day 29).

This morning it was dewy and clear as I went on patrol for gastropods. By the time I was done patrolling, clouds had rolled in and there was no sun at all.

Tut, tut. It looks like rain.

Needless to say, the dew had awakened the slumbering slugs, sending them out for a constitutional before the (presumptive) heat of the day. but seeing as how I was out on my constitutional with a fresh Soapy Bucket of Merciful Deliverance, these slugs need never fear hot and dry conditions again.

The slugs today were a full range of sizes, from teeny tiny to pinky-finger sized. Like yesterday the snails included a fair proportion of babies. The mid-sized snails I found were clustered at high altitude (three to six feet above ground level).

As there is now reason to believe that it rains snails and slugs in these parts, should it actually rain, I expect there will be some replacement of gastropods.

And, as per Wendy's suggestion, I will be making inquiries to see if there is a wildlife rehabilitation center nearby that would like our snails as treats for their convalescing critters. Whatever the drowned slugs and snails are adding to our compost pile, we can probably get by with less of it.

Today's take: 200 slugs and 32 snails.

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Hi I just discovered this blog through a mention in a Toronto newspaper. Snail eradication doesn't sound like very ethical title for a blog, but it does seem that you have some to spare, based on your count.

Just wondering if you have tried beer in a plate? Worked for me. Apologies if this has already been discussed

By taras pater (not verified) on 08 Jun 2009 #permalink