Snail eradication (day 38).

When the snail hunter is away, the gastropods will play.

It should be noted, though, that the slugs and snails I found today were not playing in my vegetable garden. That's progress.

Conditions this morning were dry and overcast. However, it rained a little over the weekend, and our wee lawn was watered once with the sprinklers. Most of what I found today was on the lawn or in easy gliding distance from it.

Another observation: I found some slugs clustered around wee, shriveled fallen lemons on the lawn. These slugs were much less responsive to touch than were the gastropods who hadn't been feeding off lemons.

Today's take: 49 slugs and 12 snails.

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Yet another dry, overcast morning. Not the kind of weather when one feels like sliding on one's foot across scratchy leaves or stems. At least if one is a snail or slug. I went right to the instant-gratification spots for slug capture. Only two out of the six locations yielded slugs today. One…
Finally, a morning that dawned clear, cool, and moist. Tired of being holed up wherever it is they hole up during the dry weather, the gastropods came out to play. They were not, as it turns out, waiting in the new gastropod shelters we put up Sunday. Instead, they seemed quite content frolicking…
Another morning, another gastropod foray. Conditions in the yard were a little odd this morning, owing to the fact that our wee patch of lawn was watered last night. This means that conditions were moist in the vicinity of the lawn but fairly dry otherwise. Strangely, the lawn itself was not…
This morning I slept in. But once I woke up, I had to patrol for gastropods. It was chilly, dry, and overcast. By now, you know what that means: hardly any snails or slugs in evidence. While I was hunting for them, I did some weeding. (After all, the weeds give them shelter without actually…

Selecting for resistance to lemons is a novel trait. I'm not sure I see what this will lead too. Perhaps you're planning for your race of nasty flying intelligent waterproof superglue-slimeing to spit acid when attacked? Or when they attack?

Or maybe you're planning on starting a chain of snailade stands, featuring fresh lemony gastropods? (I think you should reconsider that idea. Whilst both escargot and lemonade are tasty, I'm unconvinced they'd taste great together.)

janet - isn't it time you hired The Snail Whisperer? Or are you too cheap to... shell out for one?!