New Year's Eve gabfest.

If I were not involved in preparing food for Casa Free-Ride's New Year's Eve celebration (after which, I will be joining my family members to celebrate and/or test our endurance in the face of fatigue -- I'll let you know afterward which of those it ends up being), I would totally be writing you a nice ethics-y and/or science-y post.

Since I'm not, and since you appear to have a moment to be reading this, let's make it a party. Use the comments to share:

  • What you're doing (or have done) to ring in 2010
  • What you're eating and/or drinking as part of your celebration
  • Your hopes, fears, goals, and/or resolutions for the new year
  • What you enjoyed most about 2009
  • Your favorite online read or video from 2009
  • Where you come down on the question of whether we're rolling over to a new decade this New Year's Eve, or are still a year away from doing that

I'll keep checking in to approve comments and to replenish the chips, tea sandwiches, and drinks.

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We're about to start watching DVDs with the sprogs and I am hopeful that my better half will not let it slip that AMC is doing a Three Stooges marathon tonight.

Although possibly if that happens I'll be fleeing the scene and writing a post about fake X-ray crystallography or some such. SO my loss could be your gain.

I spent all of new year's eve playing Bolivia (it's a card game based on Canasta). Later we watched a series of explosions that was nowhere nearly as enjoyable as an episode of Mythbusters.

My reading this year was so superbly geeky that it's a tough call, but I'm going to give the nod to Simon Singh's excellent "Fermat's Last Theorem".

Ok, so I spent the new years eve at a party at my friend's place (although there had been plans to just play Talisman or watch some Star Trek) and I've drunk a lot of rum with cola and some whisky with apple juice. And here's my favourite video of the last year:

OMG...we were sooooo boring....the kids went to bed at 10 p.m. (after a busy day outside in frigid weather here in upstate NY), we crawled into bed a little later, and we woke up on Saturday morning to say "Hey, it is 2010!" to each other. Guess we are geezers and our kids are "geezers in the making", right????