If search strings were writing assignments ...

From time to time I have a look at the search strings that have brought readers to this blog. Looking at some of the recent queries, I can't help but wonder what kind of blog this would be if these described my main focus:

sarcastic jokes i do not get it is it a gender thing

percentage of academic job applicants are women

SJSU layoffs

is it bad to email your professor alot

I hate academia

san diego zoo ethics

make a fake diploma of brooklyn college

describe the harpy eagle symbiosis

objectifying women for a good cause

Why are some communities more desirous of control more than other communitys

what does furlough day mean

how thin do mammograms smash breast tissue

is it ethical to create online persona

paparazzi ethics

tales of tentacles

students steal school lab equipment for drugs

ethics of placebo use

dream about snake eating prey

little naked girls that make you pay attention

lifestyle choice academic scientist work hours per week

In order to predict whether or not a single-replacement reaction takes place, you need to consult a chart that shows the ____

That last one looks like someone was using the Googles to take an exam. I suppose we could discuss the ethics of that.

Sadly, the frequency of searches for three-toed sloth sex jokes seems to have fallen off. I guess this means three-toed sloth sex jokes have jumped the shark.

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You are now #1 on Google for the search string "three-toed sloth sex jokes have jumped the shark"...

Inquiring minds want to know:

objectifying women for a good cause

What are the good causes? So we can be sure to do it ethically and all that.

I'm sure that search (objectifying women for a good cause) had to do with the recent Boobquake event. Check out http://blaghag.com for the story.

I'm more worried about the ones that sound like child porn and forged documents.

And I would like to say that it is definitely bad to email your professor "alot", especially if it's a writing-intensive course.

Some of those searches look like people are finding you for precisely the right reasons. It's pretty impressive how well-tuned some of them look to be for this blog!