Nerd Meme is NOT a Geek Meme

Janet's little nerd meme is hot shit at ScienceBlogs. Everyone's bragging about their nerd score. Well, everyone but those of us that are that the bottom of the nerd totem-pole (like me).

All this nerd talk has gotten all the science dorks up in a tizzy -- so much so that they're getting sloppy with their diction. The real nerds in the hizzy know that nerdiness is not synonymous with geekiness. In our little back-channel for ScienceBlogs bloggers, Janet promised us a geeky limerick. Here's what she delivered. Hardly geeky. Definitely nerdy and dorky. But not geeky. This is a geeky limerick:


There once was a man from Nantucket

Who put chicken heads in a bucket.

When he drove out to Worcester

He brought along a rooster,

And bit the head off of a freakin' live chicken!!!!!!


Geeks work sideshows. Nerds are book smart. Dorks are socially challenged nerds. Dweebs are just socially challenged. A real nerd knows his social stereotype taxonomy.


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Maybe some of us are just taking the big-tent approach to nerds, geeks, dweebs, and dorks.

(Also, I understand there may be an East Coast/West Coast shift in what geek and nerd are used to designate.)

But hey, if you want to keep biting the heads off of fowl, I respect your choioce to do so.

How does the east coast/west coast thing work? Cause I was raised out west and now live in the east, and you (Janet) were raised out east and now live in the west.