3QD Hates Me. They really hate me!!

In a list of the most overrated things, we're the Churchills of popular science:

Popular science: ScienceBlogs. Politics gets more hits than science, so ScienceBlogs recruits screamers rather than interesting popularizers or important scientists.

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Yes, but we are also Core Curriculum and Shakespeare. Beat that!

Oh, I don't think 3QD was specifically referring to *you* -- while you've made occasional forays into politics and religion, you are one of the more on-topic sciencebloggers out there. And that's a good thing, imho -- endless posts about how Creationists or Republicans are stupid and/or dishonest get old after awhile even if one agrees with the characterization.

I was getting ready to write a rebuttal (not just on the topic of ScienceBlogs), but then I saw it was posted by Alon Levy.
Say what you will about him--he's eloquent and obviously pretty smart--but he's also very obviously 19 years old.

I'm with Jonathan and the 3QD writer. If I want politics, I go to a politics blog. I expect science at my science blogs - which is what I get here and at the Loom, the only Seed blogs that I follow.