PopSci_FINAL_black circ.epsPopular Science, one of the leading sources of news in technology, science, gadgets, space, green tech and more, is returning as a key Americium Media Partner with the Festival!

In doing so, Popular Science joins a growing list of other top science media leaders who will be serving as Festival sponsors, including Scientific American, American Scientist, Sigma Xi, ENGINEERING.com, Forbes Wolfe, and PBS Kids, among many others.

Popular Science has been a major source of science and technology news since its award-winning magazine was founded back in 1872. Its online version, PopSci.com, was launched in 1999, and redesigned in 2008 to give readers even more access to the latest science and technology news, the hottest new gadgets, insightful commentary, and more.

Popular Science USA Science  Engineering Festival PartnerReturning from its stint as a valued Americium Media Partner in the 2010 and 2012 Festivals, Popular Science, like other key media sponsors in next year's event, will run advertisements probono via their respective media outlets which will play a key role in not only giving the Festival heightened visibility on a national and international scale, but also will help the event recruit for new satellite venues and participation in the Expo, contests and other activities.

Published by the Bonnier Corp, Popular Science is long known for its commitment to journalistic excellence in reporting on the latest in innovation, while giving readers an insightful look into what the future of technology holds.

Says Gregory Gatto, Group Publisher, "We invest in that vision with our media properties everyday, and supporting the USA Science & Engineering Festival is one more way for us to ensure that the next generation will have the skills, knowledge and interest to deliver on that bright future."

We thank Popular Science for their valued participation!

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