The Natural Selection of Ideas

It's funny because some people think both groups are wrong:


Originally from Tom the Dancing Bug.

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Let's play the most boring card game in the universe! Here are the rules. We start with a fully sorted deck of 52 cards, and we deal out four hands. We don't deal in the ordinary way, either: we give the top 13 cards to the first player, then the next 13 to the second, and so forth. (We could also…
Not only do we learn where Tiktaalik came from, but we get an explanation for why the prayer study flopped! Important efficacy tip: stash your porn in a lead-lined safe before praying.
As I was making my way back from a seminar on skin color genetics yesterday, I noticed a couple of bugs perched on the outer wall of my building. This wouldn't be a blog worthy moment, except that the bugs were huge . . . and in mid coitus. I hurried inside and ran upstairs to grab my camera. I…

ides are what"???

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