The Natural Selection of Ideas

It's funny because some people think both groups are wrong:


Originally from Tom the Dancing Bug.

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As I was making my way back from a seminar on skin color genetics yesterday, I noticed a couple of bugs perched on the outer wall of my building. This wouldn't be a blog worthy moment, except that the bugs were huge . . . and in mid coitus. I hurried inside and ran upstairs to grab my camera. I…
Want to fight global warming without changing anything about lifestyle? Thinking Thomas Friedman and his astute "we don't have to change a thing, now let's go get 'em!" analysis is onto something, with Gore and Schwarzenegger? (But not with James Kunstler?) Then "Tom the Dancing Bug" has a take…
Or it's not the messaging, it's the actual policy. John Aravosis was recently invited to the White House along with some other 'progressive' bloggers who were called out on the carpet for not supporting the stimulus enough (funny, I didn't realize they were paid political operatives...). Aravosis…
Last week, Tom the Dancing Bug introduced us to a parallell universe, where Al Gore never won the Best Documentary Oscar. Click below for the full cartoon.

ides are what"???

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