Two New Additions To the Family

I'm finally home again after all my recent travels. Back to back math conferences is fun, but also a bit stressful and tiring. While I was away, my extended family welcomed two new additions:

Meet William and Charlotte. Charlotte is the one with the white detailing. My brother and sister-in-law just adopted them from a local shelter. Actually, that picture looks a bit like a two-headed cat, so here's another one:

Looks like they've taken over the really important room.

The word is that William and Charlotte have settled in quickly to their new home and are getting along fine with the kids. Welcome to the family, kitties!

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Congratulations to your extended family on acquiring a catberus. Those are hard to find. Gotta go to the gates of Niplheim to get one.

That does look like a two-headed cat!

By Max Millhiser (not verified) on 13 Aug 2015 #permalink