Darwinism now affects intelligent design film!

Following on from my demonstration that Darwinism is entirely responsible for anti-Semiticism back on 1 April, comes this discussion of how Darwinism has even infected the morals of anti-Darwinians, via John Lynch; in this case Maciej Giertych, one of the pro-ID "scientists" interviewed by the film Expelled, and a notable and vocal anti-Semite. Obviously he is influenced by the evil Darwinism, and not from any long-standing tendency in Poland to attack, kill and generally persecute Jews well before Darwin published. And of course poor Ben Stein and Mark Mathis - this makes the clear message that the Holocaust is down to Darwin much harder to get across. Contact them and offer your commiserations.

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Well, I'm here in sunny San Diego and about to head on over to the convention center to check out the day's festivities and to make sure to check out a friend's poster this morning. (If anyone reading this is attending AACR, you might recognize me by the Plexiglass box full of multi-colored…
One of the central themes within Expelled is the equation of Darwinism with Nazism. We are treated to a somber Ben Stein visiting the death camps. Without Darwin they wouldn’t have existed goes the simplistic viewpoint. Yet, before we criticize Stein and the producers of the movie, we must…
Yesterday, I did a rather long post that used as its introduction an assertion by bioethicist Arthur Caplan in a review of the anti-evolution propaganda movie Expelled! that the claim that Darwinism led more or less directly to the Holocaust is a form of Holocaust denial. In my post, I concluded…
Russell Seitz discovers another review of Expelled. It's by that deluded dolt, Tom Bethell, and it's a positive review. It is surely the best thing ever done on this issue, in any medium. At moments it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I have written about this controversy for over 30 years and by…

You see. Darwinism has never been about science, it's been about politics and being generally unpleasant to anyone who's inferior to us. Which is, naturally, just about everyone. In Europe we're so efficient, we can even get our enemies to peddle our Evilutionist propaganda.

I'm afraid we have to face the truth.
Evolution has undoubtedly led to the Holocaust, Stalins mass murders and Pol Pots killing fields.
It's also led to the Crusades, the 100 years war in Europe and the human sacrifices of both the Druids, Vikings and the Aztecs.
If all that random variation, natural selection and genetic drift had halted in the precambrian then none of these events would have occurred.

John, you should know you have just inspired me to formulate a revolutionary hypothesis.

We know how exaggeratedly masculine behaviour in some men is thought to be over-compensation for innate but repressed homosexual tendencies. I propose that anti-evolutionary zeal is, in fact, over-compensation for unacknowledged Darwinian tendencies, that the likes of William Dembski and his coterie at Uncommon Descent, Philip Johnson, Jonathan Wells et al are, in reality, closet Darwinists with a severe case of theory-envy.

Once they acknowledge and come to terms with these entirely natural naturalistic proclivities, they will feel as if a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders and their former Paleyism will pale into insignificance.

By Ian H Spedding FCD (not verified) on 13 Apr 2008 #permalink

Perhaps a silly question; but why is the theory of evolution referred to as Darwinism? We don't refer to the theory of relativity as Einsteinism: nor do we refer to quantum theory as Bohrism or Diracism.

I've always assumed that it was a creationist/Intelligent Design tactic: by labelling it as an 'ism' you imply it's an ideology rather than a scientific theory.

By Ian H Spedding FCD (not verified) on 13 Apr 2008 #permalink

Following up on Tim's question:
Could one use "evolution" as term for the natural process, but "evolutionism" as term for the explanatory construct, somewhat like one uses "theory of evolution"?

A quick self-introduction: I'm a musicologist who is interested in biological questions. This blog is quite enjoyable to read and think through, both in the main posts and the comments. Props!

I am curious where Stein, Mathis, and some of the other anti-evolutionists ever went to school, what history they did,'t learn is clear, but they don't seem to want to know, they keep peddling the same material. Mathis and Stein are only the latest in a infamous line of such pronouncements.


PZ has used his Mind Control device on me about Expelled again...

just so you know.

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Henry, you are a naughty naughty man. Well done, I think.

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Okay - someone has to - survival of the Yiddish?

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