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I's an ego thing, sure, but it's also a handy way of seeing what one did this past year. Here are what I think of as the substantial posts of Evolving Thoughts from 2008. Sorry for the lateness - it's a longish list. I (and my guest blogger) have been real busy this year...

Religion and Creationism



History of science


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About "Agriculture and the rise of religion"..

I've observed(too) some correlations. OC1: Southern-US,Iran and even Finland are quite agriculture countryside and most fundamental religions (in relation to antievolution/fundamentalism) compared to neighbour countries. OC2. Reader's Digest mentioned Brazilian hunter-gatherer's tribe that seem have no religion (!)

Lately I've been reading Boyer and Diamond and they gives some confirmation to my hypothesis: Agricultures are more dependent on weather and so also on "gods" of weather than hunter-gatherers.

Agricultures are more risky to get famine at the same time than hunter-gatherer tribes(Diamond). Superstition comes to explanations when accidents happens more often at the same time or in series (Boyer).

These support "my" OC1,OC2-observations. But those seem contradict somebit to Your hypothesesis that religion is trustfull social marker.(Biggest towns like NY are more atheistic and liberal than countrysides or small towns).
On the other hand my point is on modern antievolution times..