Framing Science Ranked Among Top 15 Science Blogs

For the fourth straight month, Framing Science ranks among the top 15 science-related blogs, as tracked by Wikio. The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. (Blogrolls are not taken into account and Wikio only counts links from the last 120 days.)

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I may not generate the type of ideologically-intense traffic of a PZ Myers, but when it comes to influence, Framing Science continues its steady ascent. According to Wikio's latest rankings, this site climbed one spot during the month of July to #14 among science-related blogs (#11 if you go by…

Although the metric used to determine this ranking is frivolous, this is still a fine accomplishment for a blog that can only be termed "science-related" by applying the most generous definition.

By Wireless Land Line (not verified) on 05 Oct 2008 #permalink

Good framing!

Bad Astronomy ranks 28428 in the "other" category. I guess that makes you a much better science blogger than Phil Plait. Right?

You're also way ahead of The Panda's Thumb, which Wikio doesn't even recognize.

Other blogs that aren't ranked include and John Hawks Anthropology Weblog. I wonder what your ranking would be if they were included? Care to take a guess?

Since the flaws in the Wikio ranking have been mentioned many times on various blogs, it's safe to assume that you know about them. Nevertheless, you post a message bragging about your high ranking. What are we supposed to assume? Are you deliberately trying to deceive your readers?

Keep up the good work. You're only eleven places behind Pharyngula.