What a difference two days makes

The view from my back door in Cambridge on Monday:


The view from my hotel balcony in Marco Island this afternoon:


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Update: Please RSVP on Facebook if possible. Tim Lambert from Deltoid has organised a ScienceBlogs millionth comment party in Sydney. I'll be there as well (albeit probably looking a little frazzled and well in need of a beer, as I move to the UK on the following Monday!). Here's what Sydney…
I'll be at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting next week - this will be my my first experience of this annual conference on Florida's picturesque Marco Island, but I already have high expectations based on reports from previous years. The programme is packed with cutting-edge…
I'll be at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting in Marco Island, Florida for the next week, soaking up sun and genomics, keeping my eye out for the anticipated major announcements from sequencing companies and researchers, and quietly panicking about my presentation on Thursday.…
Petros M. Nomikos conference center in Fira, Santorini is a very nice medium capacity facility (~ 200 for the main room, which we are filling) Well worth a visit, if you're planning a small meeting. I forgot to bring my camera, but MacPro has a small built in web-cam... View to Firastefani west…

Those are not the same places. What is your point?

My point was that in a span of two days I moved from a place that was unpleasantly cold, to a place that was pleasantly warm.

My God, did I really just have to explain that?