Safari for Windows

So like many people I am nearly fed up with Firefox. I really don't have that many plugins, but the freezes and crashes are just too frequent. For the next week I'll be trying out Safari. Anyone have experiences to relate? (on Windows)


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ummm. I have 19 extensions running in Firefox and have never had it crash. Luck of the draw, I guess. Then again, I've usually been able to keep Windows boxen running when all around me have been complaining about crashes and/or slowness.

Safari - played around with it a little. Wasn't terribly impressed ... if only because there are no extensions :)

By John Lynch (not verified) on 15 Jun 2007 #permalink

Safari will be a great basic Windows browser when it comes out of beta. It's fast, but a little buggy right now.

Of course, all the smart kids are now getting to MacBooks, as you can run Windows on it as well.

Like John, I have lots of Firefox extensions, themes and plug-ins, and have never had a problem with it or Thunderbird. I'm sure Safari will be fine (several orders of magnitude more stable than IE), based on my experience with Macs, but see no reason to abandon Firefox just yet.

I've got 13 firefox addons and run it with lots of tabs and often multiple windows open and it no longer ever crashes or freezes. The last time it did was several months ago.

When I first upgraded to a 2.0 version it froze all the time though. I was either going to switch back to the older version or to something else but then decided to wait a bit to see if a fix would come pretty soon. Sometime over the last few months in one of the many version fixes since, that seems to have been fixed.

You do have the absolutely most current version, right?

I tried Safari from a couple of hours after it came out until last night. I've removed it. I found no advantage over Opera, and many downsides. I'll give it another shot when it comes out of beta, but for now I'm sticking with Opera, with Firefox up my sleeve for "sometimes" use.

I have Firefox with about 7 extensions, and it freezes pretty much every day. It's especially bad when I open pdf's in it.

yep, the problem is usually happening when i load third party apps. i realized something when wrong when i fired up IE to look at a page i knew would have a lot of flash.... let me say that again, i fired up IE! (the IE tab plugin doesn't matter if the page is already frozen)

FF is pretty stable for me. It's always worked much better than IE, anyway. Usually I've seen instability in Firefox caused by instability in other parts of the OS.
Have you tried killing your FF profile and starting over with it? You could do this and still maintain things such as your bookmarks. Sometimes the profiles get a little messed up with time if you've kept it throughout major upgrades of FF.

Also, Opera works pretty well. It doesn't have the market share of IE/FF/Safari, and thus more pages won't support it. Regardless, it is a great browser.

Safari didn't run at all on my system. Tried installing it several times and it never ran.

For me, Firefox crashes in two circumstances, only: when shutting down and when it's loaded Quicktime and is trying to run some of Apple's patented "it just works" software.