Testosterone leading to more autism?

Foetal testosterone linked to autistic traits:

This latest update on their progress, presented by Simon Baron-Cohen and Bonnie Auyeung at the British Association's Festival of Science in York today, shows that the correlation between foetal hormone levels and autistic-trait behaviour continues as the children grow up.

...Baby boys produce more testosterone in the womb, which means they can also expose a non-identical female twin to higher levels of the hormone. But other genetic and environmental factors are thought to also play a role.

This is of course part of Simon Baron-Cohen's research program on empathizers and systemizers....


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Who cares what Borat thinks?

By John Emerson (not verified) on 11 Sep 2007 #permalink


i believe you are mistaken in your identification. you have confused the mental scientist, simon baron-cohen, with the vulgar comedian sascha baron-cohen. true, the resemblances of nature and physique are striking, but distinct individuals they are nevertheless.

c.v. snicker


subsequent to the utilization of the google search engine i have come to understand the nature of the question you posed. i shall take the liberty of operating under the assumption that no offense shall be taken on your part, sir, if i do not dignify your inquiry with a response? finally, may i add that i am resisting the temptation to upbraid you justly for the uncouthness of your implication? a gentleman you are not and i must gather never were!

c.v. snicker

...something about sticks and stones and bones and names come to my chet. but peace. thanks for enlightening john.

Well, we know he's wrong because the two extremes of his continuum aren't logical opposites. I suspect it's more a matter of inappropriate naming than a true failure of theory.

By Caledonian (not verified) on 11 Sep 2007 #permalink