Elite Republicans & Democrats vs. the masses

Over at Secular Right I break down attitudes toward a host of issues as a function of class and party identification. It is interesting to see the issues where class matters more than party, and those where party matters more than class, and where one segment is an outlier. Below the fold are a few questions of possible specific interest to ScienceBlogs readers.

Lower = No high school to some college

Higher = Bachelor's degree or higher

  Repub or lean Repub Dem or lean Dem
  Lower Higher Lower Higher
Humans evolved from animals 29.7 47.1 43.7 79.6
Will not eat genetically modified foods 29.7 20.8 36.5 33.9
Know God exists 69.8 64.8 66.4 37.1

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yes, alas, the college dropout billionaire fraction of the electorate is not properly accounted for. or, for that matter, the large class of people with doctorates in english literature living below the poverty line.

post-docs too!

I agree that its interesting looking at the entire post and seeing how issues break down between being class-influenced or being party-influenced, or both or neither.