Canada vs. USA Hockey

i-3dbe00d8dbbd178d5239e0ed2e694a14-sp_0710_05_v6.jpgThere's apparently a game in this sport at the Olympics tonight. Canada is the favorite. Which is awesome, because if the USA loses, no one in the USA will care. But if the USA wins, we'll get to laugh at the Canadians. Don't lie, you know Canada is the country that keeps on giving in terms of humor.

Update: Yeah, you guys are funny. LOL.

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Who is this Razib clown? The reason why you don't care if you lose is because you don't win championships at the sport. Just like the rest of you, you jump on ban waggons of whatever sport the US is winning at!
Keep your useless comment like that to yourself and just answer the question


We've got to win to intimidate the Canadians, who are known to be already massing on our borders in preparation.


We've got to win to intimidate the Canadians, who are known to be already massing on our borders in preparation.

Well that's true we do keep providing Americans with laughs because the best comedians in America are Canadians. Funny that. I think its because we laugh louder at ourselves than you do---but then Americans seems to have forgotten to laugh at themselves. Pity.

Your a cancer.

By Dumb American (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

Wow, I must be missing something. I thought it was the USA.

You are correct,,,,Canada does produce the best comedians. I am surprised, however that you can even smile,let alone laugh, when you live in a country that has striped you of your rights,and robbed you blind, faster than you can say Team Canada wins again!

No matter who wins, there is sure to be a huge drunken street-party/riot in Vancouver tonight. USA just scored, it is now USA 3, Canada 2. (my husband is watching it) Personally I don't give a rat's a** about who wins.

Hahaha. Canadians lose to the U.S. at the only thing their good at. Hockey. Also their is a good reason your comedians left your country. 'Cus Canada sucks.

Wow, this thread has more misspelled common words within the comments than the usual gnxp comments section. Coincidence?

Joe Reeves: "ban waggons"

Dumb American: "Your a cancer."

cliff: "striped you of your rights"

Ty: "their is a good reason"

I so rarely see errors here, that these really jump out.

...Canadians, who are known to be already massing on our borders in preparation.

Ready to ooze over the border like thick maple syrup.

The media's really spinning this game out of proportion. It was hardly an "upset". Even Canada knew this wasn't going to be an easy game, and some were even expecting a loss. But "upset" makes for more adrenaline-pumping reporting.

On the other hand, if Canada loses the gold, there's sure to be a nation-wide mass suicide. LOL to your heart's content.

Well, tonight Canada kicked ass in ice dancing, which is better than hockey any way. Gold!

Stripped of our rights and robbed blind? What planet are you from?

Must be what's resulted in a higher standard of living and better grammar/spelling eh?

Well doesn't matter because Canada is leading the final game right now and hope we'll KICK YOUR ASS! :)