This is the year of the frog

i-0a18aab32e71049ae7bcb61b39abfc9c-blue_frog.jpgYou've probably heard that this is the year of the frog. But with all the hype about the election, the war, the economy, robots, and so on, it is easy to forget. The Wildlife Conservation Society has a nice frog slide show on this site, and a list of things you can do to save "the frog" and the ironically named "amphibian ark" (a joint effort of three major conservation organizations) has more.

(I say ironic because it is a biblical reference, and creationists don't believe in extinction ... I assume, or how could there be any species left since they don't believe in specialization ...

This is why frogs are almost extinct:

Poncho Play Attacking His Stuffed Frog - Funny videos are here

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