Growing Up, and The Process of Discovery

This is not a time to be profound. This is a time to rehydrate and make some more coffee. And search around for stuff that fell out of pockets.

I normally do not blog very many day to day details of my private life, especially regarding other people, because it is obnoxious to know someone who could at any point arbitrarily write in a very public way about anything that happens to occur at dinner, anything a person may say, and so on. But I have a small story about last night when I went out (and I never go out, so that in itself is kind of an event).

The plan was simple: I would stop by TUIBG's house and pick him up and we would car pool down into South Minneapolis (my old neighborhood) to visit Almost Diamonds. While there, we would be joined by commenter Elle. (I'm speaking in blog-o-names here only, to protect the innocent.) For margaritas. Kick-ass sixty proof margaritas.

Since Mr. Almost Diamonds had recently killed a medium size mammal, there would also be meat. Very nice venison fajitas, actually.

I had never been to either location before, so I wrote down the street address numbers. I didn't need to write down Almost Diamond's street name because I once live on that street, and having looked at Goolge Maps I had TUIBG's street location imprinted on my brain, so I didn't need that name either. Just the numbers.

I wrote them on my Moo business card.

My Moo business card is my business card. Every Sbling gets one box of Moo business cards paid for by the overlords. After that we are on our own.

Moo cards are different from other cards. They are cool and edgy and different. They are thick, plasticky, and not as wide as regular business cards. There are other things about the company that are different as well, but I can't remember what they are.

Anyway, I got to the vicinity of Mike's place, and there was no way I was going to find his crib without the number. So I pulled out the business card and all the stuff I had written down was smeared off. The ink had never dried! Owing to the edgy plasticky nature of the product.

This is why evolution works the way it does, and this is why institutions such as corporations and universities work the way they do. Innovation/mutation is usually a step backwards. All change is bad. Hammer down the nail that sticks out or it will snag your socks. Calling cards and business cards have always been roughly the same size and printed on roughly the same kind of stock, since the 19th century. Moo ruined business cards.

Fortunately, I had an Internet device with me. I turned it on and scanned the neighborhood for wireless networks. There were about a dozen. It reminded me of that scene in the movie with Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields where they are in Macy's and someone says "I need a Valium" and two dozen people reach in their pockets or purses and pull out a pill vial. Only with wireless signals.

I scanned the list for names such as "belkin" and "linksys" and found two networks that were properly installed but not secure, one of which was a very strong signal. So I borrowed a little bandwith mojo to check my email and re-learn the street address I needed.

This morning, by chance, on the back channel (in the "bloggable" thread ... which is not confidential) I found out about this interesting story regarding Moo (the business card people). It turns out that the most common request that Moo gets (which they cannot fulfill) is for regular normal business cards. The different, edgy 'notice me I'm cool' cards that they are famous for are fine, but more people want the normal cards. So now they are going to start producing them, apparently.

To me, the most important thing is that you can write on the card when you need to.

So, another item that crossed my desk this morning was an email from TUIBG asking if anyone had seen his cell phone. So I went out to the car to look. Unfortunately for me, the car was way down the street because they are paving out front of the house. So I couldn't just walk out into the driveway and look in the car, I had to put on clothes/shoes/etc. So I go down the street and open the car and get on my hands and knees and look under the seat.

There I find the missing cell phone and a can of tuna fish that went missing about a month ago from a grocery store run. Lucky me, because I was just running out of food!

Another item that came across my desk was an email from my brother asking me if I had gotten my birthday present in the mail. Whether or not my brother and I exchange birthday presents is semi-random, but this was a birthday with a zero in it, so I'm extra special this year. Anyway, I had seen no package, so as long as I was outside wandering around I checked the mail box, checked the package place, and eventually found on a nearby out of the weather porch thingie a rug with a suspiciously large and square object underneath it. I picked up the rug and there was a package addressed to me!

It was a pretty cool present I discovered under that rug. Once I get it working, I'll tell you all about it ...


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They are thick, plasticky, and not as wide as regular business cards. There are other things about the company that are different as well, but I can't remember what they are.

MOO cards are great, but I've never had occasion to write on them. I use them for my Photography cards.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? I'm sooo curious!

I meant the cat. Who, by the way, has a great potential career as an LOL cat.

You have no idea. The biggest reason she isn't one already is that a camera is an obvious indication of someone's interest in her, which means she has to stop whatever she's doing that's so cute and go find out whether they're going to pet her.

WHAT??? Did you GET a CAT? A cat that's all your own and not one of the visitor cats? Ragdoll? Coony?

(It didn't come in the box, though, right?)

Ana, No, it was stephanie's cat. It is of the round variety, like a floppy furry bowling ball.

We are getting Gil's cats back in about a week, though, while they go to the Czech Republic.

Stephanie: That is what hidden cameras are for! Don't be a nutjob!