A Thousand Fantastic Carnivals and One New One

i-c46e3fc9e437ae9ee547bbbd7036da1a-carnival04.jpgFirst, let me note this new carnival that I hope gets a LOT of attention. It is currently hosted at A Blog Around The Clock and is know as The Giant's Shoulders. This is because it assimilates posts on classic papers. This is one of those motivating carnivals. People don't blog enough on classic works in this day and age (why, back when I was a whippersnapper we blogged on the classic works three times a day, dagnabbit!!!) so this carnival seeks to encourage this behavior.

The Giant's Shoulders # 1 is HERE.

Other carnivals out today include:

Reconciliation Oekologie: Special Summer 2008 Double Issue Carnival (#17) at Reconciliation Ecology.

Carnival of the Green # 136
is at AIDG.

Grand Rounds 4.43 is at Unprotected Text.

133rd Carnival of Homeschooling
is at Red Sea School.

And, finally, this is not really a carnival, but kinda is: A summary of what is New and Exciting in PLoS ONE... science for you to read even if you are not special.

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