The latest on the Georgia Bigfoot in the Freezer

The much-anticipated Bigfoot press conference Friday afternoon in Palo Alto, Calif., revealed little more than two men -- introduced by a self-styled Sasquatch seeker -- claiming to possess the 7-foot "body" of a "bipedal creature" on ice in a secret location, awaiting an autopsy. *

Bigfoot finders Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer and bigfoot expert Tom Biscardi conducted this press conference. They indicated that they would not reveal any more information at this time, but would soon assemble a group of scientists.

I just realized my cell phone has been off for much of the afternoon, which is why, I assume, they have not called me yet.

So far the evidence for bigfoot in Minnesota still beats the evidence for bigfoot in Georgia.

In the mean time, all we can do is wait, and browse through this.

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They ... the guys ... sold the freezer, with bigfoot inside of it, to some chumps who claim to be "bigfoot scientists", and have taken off, went on the lam, disappeared. According to Countdown (Live, happening now) and it's on CNN (click the picture). It turns out on further inspection that it was…
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Greg Laden already beat me to it, but the alleged Bigfoot in a freezer has (as predicted) turned out to be a hoax. The three men involved in the hoax, Matt Whitton, Rick Dyer, and "professional Bigfoot hunter" (i.e. B.S. artist) Tom Biscardi, have admitted as much, although both Whitton and Dyer…

Wait, wait ... so they are saying that the faked picture of the faked bigfoot is ..... what .... faked????? Wow.

Why would you fake a picture of a fake bigfoot?

I wouldn't call Biscardi a monster. A greedy fool, but not a monster.

Let me put it this way, if Tom Biscardi promoted evolution we'd all be creationists.

Patience is called for here. To get to the truth of the matter let us start by pressuring Biscardi to turn over the alleged remains to a university or similar institute for their study. With said institution to set up a venue where by the work being done and discoveries made can be freely accessed by the public as a whole. A web presence via PLoS for example.

I've a thought.

It seems like almost every attempt to depict Bigfoot (and the Yeti -- one could easily assume that if they existed they were the same animal) was as an unknown member of the African ape lineage. But considering the only African apes known to have radiated out from Africa are Homo species, isn't it somewhat more likely that Bigfoot would have to be from the Asian lineage, and therefore closer to orangutans than humans?

Just sort of sprung to mind. I mean, "science by press conference" screams hoax to me, especially when it's on a subject with a long history of fraud anyway, on an animal that would have only a vanishingly small population on a continent without a lot of unexplored wilderness.

Brian: Actually, most bigfoot experts believe that bigfoot is most closely related to the Asian ape gigantipithecus. Also, the vocalizations that have been adduced as bigfoot mating calls are gibbon-like.

So bigfoot is definitely an Asian hominid. Except for the part about it not existing.

Enought of this. Where are the Georgia authorities? If these people have a dead body, the GBI should demand access and an autopsy to determine cause of death. Since the reported DNA indicated Opposum and Human, and it is definately not a 'possum, then a homicide investigation needs to be done!