They Found Bigfoot

Finally, Bigfoot has been found.



It is reported that Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, of Georgia, have found a bigfoot body, over seven feet tall. They've put bigfoot into a freezer, snapped a few grainy photographs, and will let the rest of us see it some time in the future.

Bigfoot expert Tom Biscardi has seen the find and assures us that it is genuine.

A limited amount of information will be released at a press conference on Friday.

This bigfoot has ...

... reddish hair and black-grey eyes. [and] flat feet - similar to a human's - and a footprint that spans over 40cm.

Mr Whitton and Mr Dyer have said they will not show it at the press conference - fuelling suspicion about the legitimacy of their claims.

Instead they have released some grainy photos of the remains, which they are keeping in a large freezer at an unknown location.


More information here, at SkyNews.

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Greg Laden already beat me to it, but the alleged Bigfoot in a freezer has (as predicted) turned out to be a hoax. The three men involved in the hoax, Matt Whitton, Rick Dyer, and "professional Bigfoot hunter" (i.e. B.S. artist) Tom Biscardi, have admitted as much, although both Whitton and Dyer…
Remember that freezer chock full o' Bigfoot I mentioned yesterday? Well today the men who claim to have found the body of the sought after mythical beast held a press conference in which the results from the first round of DNA testing were presented. Of the three samples tested one came back…

Let me be the first to say:

What a crock of sh..!

By NoAstronomer (not verified) on 14 Aug 2008 #permalink

One thing's for sure: Bigfoots hate professional photographers.

I am shocked. SHOCKED! ... at the level of incredulity amongst my readers!!!!

I'm sure they'll do the right thing and donate the skeleton to the Smithsonian for the world to examine.

Otherwise, yeah, right, pull the other leg.

By Bill the Cat (not verified) on 14 Aug 2008 #permalink

What... they found Bigfoot??? Maybe the Cubs do have a chance at winning the world series this year! Go Cubs!

I have been assured by the bigfoot experts I know (hey, when you live in Idaho you end up knowing these sorts of people) that this is fake, and one of them even said he cn tell me where they got the costume.

The BFRO has more:

By Morejello (not verified) on 14 Aug 2008 #permalink

"What's peculiar is how SkyNews cropped out the head of the alleged cadaver."

That's probably where the price tag for the costume was still attached.

Wow, you just move from one deep scientific topic to another...

It looks like a compost pile to me.

Soylent Bigfoot is made from People!!!!!!!

I figure they have to keep it in the freezer until the statute of limitations runs out on the poor costumed guy they shot. Hopefully they kept the wallet so his next of kin can be notified.

Ah, the cynicism is thick around here. A few facts to keep in mind ...

First: You have not seen the specimen, only images of the specimen.

Second; You haven't smelt the specimen. Rotting meat has a unique stink.

Third: By my estimation, 90% of the objections to the existence of bigfoot comes down to the belief, unsupported by any solid evidence, that large apes could not make it to North America until the large ape called Man developed the culture necessary to produce the tools necessary to reach the continent.

Fourth: The reputation, good or bad, of one of the parties involved has nothing to do with the authenticity of the specimen. What matters is the authenticity of the specimen, and that can only be determined by hands-on examination.

Fifth: The Bigfoot Field Research Organization knows about as much as you do. Then you have the specter of jealousy, envy, and resentment that such a weasel as Biscardi would have the balls to make a discovery that rightly belongs to them.

Sixth: There is no law that says a royal bastard cannot make a major scientific discovery. Were that the case, then Galileo and Newton would be complete unknowns.


I will be the first to join your second Bigfoot Expedition!



I wish. :)

I will wait until after the press conference. If it proves to real, then I shall wait for confirmation from a third party. If it proves to be false, I shall tear Biscardi and company a rhetorical new one. But I shall wait for evidence one way or another, instead of spouting off uninformed.

Of course, if you want to join me for a few years in the forest outside of Julian CA, doing an in depth study, round up some sponsorship and we'll live blog the experience. (Local legend says there's a bigfoot colony living in the wilderness near Julian.)

What else would you expect from Kellog other than corn and flakes?

Sorry that should be Kellogg. I forgot to say "Gee!" twice....

"... reddish hair and black-grey eyes."

Oh, this will look good on the police report:

"I thought he was bigfoot!"

"He's clearly irish."

"Irish bigfoot!"

"You met him in a pub."

"Drinking Irish Bigfoot!"

"You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silents. Anything you say can and will..."

By Jason Failes (not verified) on 15 Aug 2008 #permalink

im hoping this picture is not a hoax. i really believe that a big foot like creature does exist and should be left alone. im betting thy are an intelligent species and are aware that confirming their exisitence to us is the biggest mistake they can ever make. they have their own purpose on this earth and we should not interfere. so if this is found not to be hoax i pray that man leaves the being alone and let it fullfill ita own purpose on earth. finding out that they are real would be a significant find but we should not take it in our hands and decide to cage it up. if they are willing maybe we can learn alot from each other. i am convinced this is not a creature that should be caged and studied from an inclosure. this will show that there is something greater than us. if only they are up to it then we can learn about them. this is something i feel deep inside really exists they know how to get around us therefore we should show it nothing but respect.

By antonio bruno (not verified) on 15 Aug 2008 #permalink

It looks like a Chewbacca costume with some cow guts from a butcher shop dumped on top of it.

By Joe Blough (not verified) on 15 Aug 2008 #permalink


I don't think that video shows what you think that video shows.

Read a book on ravens once, an account of the author's years of study on a population in his part of the world. It started off when he thought he'd do a quick study and write it up. When the study period was done he had his material, and a few conclusions.

But then he decided he'd better do some follow up work, for confirmation purposes. So he made more observations, and learned, thanks to those observations, that his original conclusions were wrong.

At the time of publication he was still studying his local ravens, and it didn't look like the work would be done any time soon.

My Point?

Any conclusion made after a short period of study is most apt to be wrong. Any conclusion made after a long period of study is ore apt to be right, but there's always more to be learned.

I had hoped people would find more fossils of Homo floresiensis after those they found back when there was a huge flurry of excitement. Now that was a real differently-sized-foot story.

So many closed minded people!!!
It's funny that one can't seem to believe in an existance of this type of creature.
I DO believe, and it was just a matter of time!!
Let's just wait and see what the autopsy results turn up!!
Also I saw the news conference and the "whole" photo, (including the blow-up) that was given to the news, and it's pretty interesting stuff!!
So, when the conclusion turns out to be positive, aren't you all going to look a little red in the face!!
With all the eye witness testimony and the physical evidence that has been collected over the years or should I say decades....not ALL are faked!
Like I said, it was just a matter of time!!!

By Derek Fulton (not verified) on 15 Aug 2008 #permalink

I only ask that the Georgian brothers respect the remains of my husband and provide him a decent burial. I cannot stand the thought of those butchers cutting him up for the name of science. Tom Biscardi is an A-Hole. He took my beloved Harold and made his 5 minutes of fame with him. Now give him back or bury him. Harold, Mr. Bigfoot, is a veteran of WWII. The Air Force used my husband on secret reconnaissance mission during brutal winters in the old Soviet Union as Germany invaded the S.U. My husband had many stories and would have had more to tell but his life was cut short from his desire to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms. One night he downed 15 grams of Blue Ridge Mountain Mushrooms. Walked along a plateau and lost his footing and fell to his demise. I ask president Bush to grant a pardon to my Harold for his 1967 conviction of harvesting pot it the Smokey Mountains. God Bless America and I know you'll do the right thing.

By Mrs Bigfoot (not verified) on 16 Aug 2008 #permalink

I will keep an open mind. I believe they can exist and being part animal their senses are far more acute than ours. Not finding them is understandable. What... We just discovered Gorillas where we had no idea that they could exisit in a swampy enviorment. soooo Hmmm! keep an open mind.