What really happened at the First Thanksgiving

A re-enactment:

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Check this out. It is the US Civil War re-enacted as an exchange of facebook twittery-thingies. HT BATC.
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It's Thanksgiving Day, when we should all be thankful for the nonviolence of most native tribes, gunpowder, and smallpox leading to the territory now known as the United States of America.

I always loved that part of the movie! I am watching a show titled "Who really discovered America"...In the running are the Scots, Irish, Vikings and Polynesians. That the NA were already here during the time frame they are exploring, is not even considered...I am so disgusted.

Don't forget the plague that decimated the army Napoleon sent to the Caribbean, leading him to give up on NA and selling the Louisiana Territory (aka "No, this is our home you stupid white man!") to USA for a very modest amount of money.
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First came the proto-indians , and then the ancestors to the Aleutians and Inuits -but the genetic analysis of a skeleton in Greenland show it to be more East Siberian in type, so there must have been an additional group of immigrants.
And one skeleton of an "indian" looked a bit more like a contemporary Ainu (aboriginies in the north Japanese islands).
Brief expeditions by the Chinese to Mexico, bringing back tales of people making alcohol from trees (cacti). If the Chinese had brought horses, the Aztects would have wiped out the conquistadors in no time.

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