Sarah Palin Responds to Crosshairs Maneno

First, watch this:

Mention of crosshairs at 2:20.

Then, Gabby got her head shot through with a bullet.

Then (blood libel phrase is at ca 3:20) :

Notice how she forgets to use the term "alleged" ... so much for the fifth amendment. Notice the very intense attempt circumscribe responsibility and rip the event from context.

She is obviously FOS when she disavows her own responsibility, but at least she is repeatedly saying that debate should be peaceful. That does in fact knock the legs out of her overall rhetoric and will be used against her in the future by other teabaggers. It may also separate her from Michele Bachmann, who is mentally incapable of sticking with a non-violent position.

She spends way more time whinging about the post-tragedy finger pointing and relatively little on the tragedy itself.

She hits all the hot button issues, denigrates Democratic party proposals, mentions 9/11, and prays her ass off. As expected.

This is probably the best she can do.

For reference, here's Palin' Tea Party Speech:

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A Jew gets shot in the head and Sarah Palin taking some criticism is the equivalent of the medieval blood libel. I suppose the criticism she's getting for using the phrase "blood libel" is exactly the same as the Bataan death march.

Or, more to the point, Arizona's first Jewish House member gets shot in the head, and Sarah Palin responds by using a virulently anti-Semitic phrase as a dog whistle to the rabid Right.

By Albatross (not verified) on 12 Jan 2011 #permalink

Alba... if that's you, i haven't seen you in a long time... =]

By Stephanie (not verified) on 12 Jan 2011 #permalink

I keep commenting on Facebook when your Tweets crosspost there, but I don't think you see them.

By Albatross (not verified) on 12 Jan 2011 #permalink

No matter what she says, the message is always the same; 'I, Sarah Palin, am the real victim here.' In this case, not the dead and wounded, not the families, but Sarah.

By Lisa Palmer Fleming (not verified) on 12 Jan 2011 #permalink

@Alba - I mean further back than that. Did you used to post on the old DefCon blogs?

By Stephanie (not verified) on 12 Jan 2011 #permalink

Greg, your embedded widescreen youtube videos are cut off. Since other blogs don't have this problem, I guess you just need to add an embed parameter or something.

I didn't know you could pile that much bullshit into 7 minutes an 43 seconds. Where do you begin? I suggest with idea that after 9/11 we resisted the desire to trade our freedom for security. Isn't it directly after 9/11 we stupidly passed the "Patriot Act" and tossed shitloads of our freedom in the dustbin?

Owen comment 10

"I didn't know you could pile that much bullshit into 7 minutes an 43 seconds. Where do you begin?"

That was nothing, she piled 59 minutes and 11 seconds into hr Tea Party speech.

Of course in her view the assassin's greatest crime was that for about 24 hours she wasn't the center of everyone's attention.

Attention whores are sensitive y'know.

if we ignore palin, do you think she will just go away. I mean, I don't care about her. Enough is enough. Every story that has to do with her gives her more publicity and validates her presence, well, she probably thinks so.

The first three sentences were an expression of sympathy.

The delivery was weird. All these strange head tossings, facial contortions, lip smacking and flinching. I am fairly certain a psychologist would say her heart was not in it.

Then after 32 seconds, the politics start; "Our country(head toss), our exceptional country". Downhill from there on. and after 1min 45sec, it is in full "Me! Me! Me!" mode she is.

If you, the American people, elect that woman to any office, you cannot say that you did not know. She is proudly and utterly ignorant, and a shameless opportunist.