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Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels: Still nothing to get in a flap about

The story of the three quake- and tsunami-hit reactors at Japan's Fukushima plant continues, with indications that one of the three worst-hit reactors has sustained further damage. A fire also broke out at another reactor, shut down at the time of the quake and not previously thought to be a problem, but this has now been put out. None of this suggests that the reactors' crucial containment vessels could be breached, however.

You Can Stop Worrying About A Radiation Disaster In Japan -- Here's Why

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now! Quake + tsunami = 1 minor radiation dose so far

Japan's nuclear powerplants have performed magnificently in the face of a disaster hugely greater than they were designed to withstand, remaining entirely safe throughout and sustaining only minor damage.

Harmful Radiation Leak After Japan Explosion

Japanese nuclear plant hit by fire and third explosion

Japan is facing the world's biggest nuclear crisis for decades as engineers struggle to regain control of the Fukushima plant following another explosion and a fire that caused a spike in radiation to harmful levels.

Amid growing fears that the situation is heading for catastrophe, 70 technicians are still battling to cool reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi facility but non-essential personnel have been ordered to leave and the Kyodo news agency reported that radiation levels have become too high for staff to remain in control rooms. The government has already called in international help in tackling the spiralling crisis.

Stocks Plunge As Japan Nuclear Crisis Worsens

Dangerous levels of radiation began leaking from a crippled nuclear plant Tuesday, forcing Japan to order 140,000 people to stay indoors. Japan's prime minister also warned that more leaks could occur.

In the U.S., the Dow Jones industrial average is down 240 points, or 2 percent, to 11,752 in early trading.

Solar Stocks continue To Climb with Japan Nuke Crisis

Ahead of the opening bell, First Solar, a strong gainer yesterday, is indicated sharply higher. JA Solar, Yingli Green Energy, Trina Solar, Sunpower Corp., Canadian Solar, LDK Solar and Suntech Power are all indicated higher.

Late yesterday, Morgan Stanley cut its price target for JA Solar and Canadian Solar and It raised its target for LDK Solar. Earlier Monday, Piper Jaffray warned that solar companies may suffer because of the Japan disaster and downgraded JA Solar, Yingli Green Energy, Trina Solar, Sunpower and Suntech. It seems that market has its own ideas about these stocks.

In Europe, alternative energy stocks, including solar, also are trading higher.

Nuclear Explosion in Japan Contaminated US. Navy Members

After Japan's earthquake and tsunami led to a second nuclear reactor explosion, tests showed low levels of radioactivity on 17 U.S. Navy helicopter crew members after they returned to the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.

"They probably had particle radiation from the plume that's coming from the reactors and typically by movement that going away moving the aircraft through the air will move the large particles," says Bill Caton from the Marine Corps Logistics Base who is an expert in explosive matter.

Amid Japan nuclear crisis TVA reaffirms its belief in nuclear power

Japan's nuclear power troubles shouldn't slow Iowa's plans, lieutenant governor says

Airlines adjust Japan flights amid fears of radiation, aftershocks.

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Nuclear plant co. may spray reactor by helicopter

Japan Earthquake 2011: Catastrophic Radiation Chance Is 50-50, Says Nuclear Expert

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan is continuing to deteriorate. Multiple explosions have blown roofs and outer walls off reactor buildings, and a dire struggle is under way to prevent the worst.

For several days, authorities have attempted to reassure the public. Now, they are pleading for help.

To get independent answers about the risks faced by people, GlobalPost turned to Arnold Gundersen, a 39-year veteran of the nuclear industry. Now chief engineer at Fairwinds Associates, he has worked as a nuclear plant operator and he served as an expert witness in the investigation into the Three Mile Island accident.

Japan death toll tops 2,400

Death toll in Japan expected to reach over 10,000 - police

From Ana's Feed (times approximate) March 14th/15th:


Second Explosion at Reactor as Technicians Try to Contain Damage

Suppression pool is damaged at No. 2 reactor.

Pressure has dropped significantly - cracks likely, radioactive seepage likely. TEPCO workers have been evacuated.


TEPCO is now reporting that the fuel rods at No. 2 are covered to 1.2meters. (That was quick!) The safety agency is apologizing for the alarm - saying concrete details are not known.


TEPCO now admits, as stated earlier by the safety agency, that the container vessel at Daiichi No. 2 reactor has been damaged. Radioactive materials are "feared to leak."

10PM CT:

"Please listen to my message calmly." - PM Kan

The radiation readings are being described in millisieverts now. VERY HIGH!

11PM CT: Japan Faces Prospect of Nuclear Catastrophe as Workers Leave Plant

12PM CT:

The Fukushima Daiichi complex was due to be decommissioned in February but was given a new 10-year lease of life. -msnbc


From TEPCO, through Edano: Daiichi plant reactor No.1: water is being pumped, pressure is stable. No.2: water is being pumped, condition unknown. No.3: pumping and stable. No.4: fire is out as far as can be seen from outside - radioactive material of 100millisieverts/he had been spewing - workers are investigating the interior for small fire, but must be very careful.

Greed in the nuclear industry and corporate influence over the U.N. watchdog for atomic energy may doom Japan to a spreading nuclear disaster, one of the men brought in to clean up Chernobyl said on Tuesday.

Slamming the Japanese response at Fukushima, Russian nuclear accident specialist Iouli Andreev accused corporations and the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of wilfully ignoring lessons from the world's worst nuclear accident 25 years ago to protect the industry's expansion.

Chernobyl clean-up expert slams Japan, IAEA

march 15th PM:

Kyodo news: 70% of fuel rods have been damaged at Daiichi reactor No.1.

march 16 AM

The occupational limit for radiation exposure has been raised in order to allow the workers to return to the site.

March 16, 6am:

The steam observed rising above No.3 for hours is radioactive. It is now presumed that the containment vessel has cracked. SDF had prepared to drop water from helicopter, but could not do so safely.

7am: "Tests revealed traces of radiation in tap water in Fukushima city, 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the Daiichi nuclear plant, the local government said Wednesday. The Fukushima prefecture's nuclear department said amounts of radioactive cesium and iodine that are not harmful to the human body were found in water samples taken at 8 a.m. Wednesday (7 p.m. ET Tuesday)...

From Ana's Feed:

Desperate Efforts To Cool Nuclear Reactors In Japan

Experts Had Long Criticized Potential Weakness in Design of Stricken Reactor

Fukushima 50 battle radiation risks as Japan nuclear crisis deepens

Debunking a viral blog post on the nuke threat

WikiLeaks: Cables Show Japan Was Warned About Nuclear Plant Safety

U.S. Official: 'Partial Meltdown' at Japanese Plant

Nuclear pool at Fukushima No.4 reactor is the biggest concern - France

New power line almost ready at Japan nuke plant

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