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Starting about midnight, March 17th

Today's chopper missions over Daiichi have been canceled.

The IAEA has asked Japan to cooperate with the international community. Kan says he will do the utmost to overcome the crisis - vows to disclose more info to the int'l community. -kyodo news

The new electrical cables are on site, but radiation may prevent the workers from connecting them. Readings of 20mSv/hr. are regular. - NHK

2 more fire trucks and 1 borrowed US pump truck have cycled through . -NHK

4AM March 18th

"High radiation detected 30km from nuke plant" - NHK

"Japan has raised the accident level at a stricken nuclear plant from four to five on a seven-point international danger scale for atomic accidents." -BBC

â"renewed nuclear chain reaction feared"

5PM March 18th

TEPCO is very sorry about this disaster of mother nature.

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Fukushima one week on: Situation 'stable', says IAEA: Shameful media panic very slowly begins to subside

The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant in Japan, badly damaged during the extremely severe earthquake and tsunami there a week ago, continues to stabilise. It is becoming more probable by the day that public health consequences will be zero and radiation health effects among workers at the site will be so minor as to be hard to measure. Nuclear experts are beginning to condemn the international hysteria which has followed the incident in increasingly blunt terms.

GE defends reactors in Japan nuclear crisis

'Minuscule' Amounts of Radiation From Japan Detected by California Station

Japan still 'racing against the clock' to prevent nuclear meltdown at Fukushima

L.A. says it's prepared for radiation from Japan, though no problems are expected

Rand Paul's budget eliminates agency that regulates nuclear safety

Union of Concerned Scientists Releases Report on the NRC and Nuclear Plant Safety in 2010

Japan's death toll climbs to nearly 7,000

Current Status of the Nine Nuclear Reactors Damaged in Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami

For more information and essays about the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor problems in Japan CLICK HERE.


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Ana's Feed starting just after midnight 24 March: "...estimates that 57,000 pounds of salt have accumulated in Reactor No. 1 and 99,000 pounds apiece in Reactors No. 2 and 3, which are larger." (Editor's note: This is what I had independently calculated, so it looks right to me) Ban Ki-moon and…
It is possible that the bottom will fall out of the Fukushima Reactor 4 spent fuel tank. Efforts are being made to shore up the concrete structure. There is no longer any doubt that those mysterious holes hypothesized, seen or not see, in some of the reactor vessels are for real. It is now…
The worker's death was probably unrelated to the nuclear disaster, but it can't help moral much at the crippled site. Fission and cooling still remain issues at the Fukushima plant. Although fission is not happening to any large degree, or possibly at all, there has been fission more recently…
Despite the deafening silence from TEPCO regarding questions over a physical breech in Reactor 2, it is now generally being considered that there is a breech in reactor 2. It is not clear if it is a hole in the containment vessel of some kind or just some disconnected or cracked pipes. Experts…

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