This looks like one of those things that seems clever and handy at first, but is frustrating in practice. I think I'll hold on to my mouse for now.

I was skeptical if this is real but there are plenty of Google search entries, so I guess so.


By NewEnglandBob (not verified) on 18 Mar 2011 #permalink

This looks like it behaves a good deal more like a laptop touchpad than a mouse. It's a cool idea, and it looks fairly well executed, but it's hard to tell from the video how well it performs.

I want one if they're not pricey. It actually seems uebercool. My only fear is it'll be a PITA to get to work with Ubuntu.

By Marion Delgado (not verified) on 18 Mar 2011 #permalink

If its a mouse, it will work on Linux with zero difficulty. (Linux is actually more configurable vis-a-vis mice and other pointing devices than any other system) I assume that it outputs the same data a mouse outputs. If not, it's a piece of crap and should not be let near any computer.

I've wanted a virtual keyboard ever since reading about the idea in a Harry Harrison novel (on a computer that was worn as a pendant around the neck, also using a virtual display). I never did try that unit that came out several years ago since I heard it didn't work well. From the video it looks like this will do that trick as well.

I'm not sure I would want a virtual mouse/keyboard for my desktop system. Maybe the mouse would just take getting used to, yet I don't see how this saves at all on space if just used as a mouse.

I would love a well implemented unit for my handheld computer (which, annoyingly, also has a phone built in). For that, however, the size and form factor of the base seems awkward.

On a side note, they said that optical mice were introduced to consumers in the '90s. My first mouse-enabled home computer used an optical mouse in the mid '80s. It required a special mousepad with a reflective background and grid pattern on it and was made by Imsi as I recall.

Ken, I had one of those mice as well, and I remember having to re-learn what "optical mouse" meant when the other kind of optical mouse became known to me (probably a few years after it came out)

Remember having to clean those suede pads on the bottom every so often? I kept a small brass brush at the computer for that purpose.

Looks like this would be ergomically far superior to any mouse I've ever tried and thus lower the amount of carpal damage people can suffer.

That looks both cool and stupid. The tech is elegant but I have to say people wiggling a finger around on their desk just looks lame. I can't imagine Hollywood enjoying the challenge of making THAT look properly heroic when next they have to show computers being used.

But on the gripping hand, I haven't used a mouse in decades myself. Hate the things.