It is time to meet your maker. No kidding.

God will be the guest speaker at this Sunday's Humanists of Minnesota's Spring Banquet, and Scott Lohman will interview him on Atheist Talk Radio. I am not making this up. Below the fold, some advanced video God's people sent out, and details on this coming weekend's events:

"Mr. Deity," Brian Dalton on Atheists Talk #112, April 17, 2011

Brian Dalton is the writer, producer and director of the slyly subversive webcast comedy series "Mr. Deity." Mr. Deity has created our Universe with love and affection; mostly. This was not a simple production, you see, and there are many aspects to Creation of which we humans are not capable of understanding. Dalton's "Mr. Deity" is all too human, avaricious and behind his lovable exterior he hides a deep need to be worshipped. He is not above throwing a bunch of natural disasters in our way to get us to pay attention without "violating our free will." Mr. Deity is a funny look behind the scenes of Creation. Sure, things could have been done a bit differently. But would that have made as good of a story?

Brian Dalton is the featured speaker for the Humanists of Minnesota's Spring Banquet on April 17th. He will be in our studio on Sunday and Scott Lohman, the President of the Humanists of Minnesota will be talking to him about the series.


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I will have to be careful on Sunday not to think sinful thoughts. Since God will be in the studio live, I am sure that my waves will be loud and clear to Him.

A useful zip code for those outside of Minnesota who wish to stream live is 55100.

Is the Humanist Banquet sold out yet? That is likely to happen. People should get their tickets FAST. This is bigger than wen the Pieta came to New York!

The last I heard, there are still tickets. People can sign up to meet Mr. Deity, to mingle over cocktails and just be good with out God.

I guest that last sounds stupid when God will be in attendance.

I always thought that "time to meet your maker" was a funny way of saying you should visit your parents again