Exorcisms are Affordable because of Michele Bachmann's Generosity

This is not new but it is current. In 2009, Michele Bachmann donated several thousand dollars to an organization that carries out exorcisms mainly on teenagers who have bee posessed by multiple demons. This has become increasingly popular among Christians ... the idea that demons posses people on a regular basis. Right now, at least three of the possible contenders for the Republican presidential nomination: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have been endorsed by, or raised funds for, or have promoted or are actively promoted ministers and ministries that are established on the basis of demonic posession and exorcism.

Have a look at this recently reposted item by Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action. While you're over there you might want to lok at Jack Hayford Backs Odd Theory: Sex With a Demon Drove Down Japanese Stock Market, which relates to my post yesterday.

Hat tip Glenn Burke.

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Sex with a demon?
What's so unusual about that?

Cliff Richard gave us "Devil Woman".
Then there's that "Old Black Magic of Love".
On a personal note, I've lost track of the number of women who claim that I made wild passionate whoopie with them "like a man possessed".

Sex with a demon? Meh. Take a number and get in line.

Anyone else get the mental rerun of the scene in Beetleguise when Micheal Keaton starts writhing on the ground because he's "crawling with demons"?