Shawn Otto's Book Launch Talk (with Don Shelby)

You'll remember that I recently wrote up Shawn Otto's talk at The Loft. The talk was filmed and is now a major motion picture!

Now that you've seen the talk, here's your list of things to do:

  • Buy the book here.
  • Sign on to Science here
  • Sign the American Science Pledge here
  • Join the Republican Party. Oh, and the NRA too!

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The Republican Party is a many-headed monster. When the pro-science group becomes a separate party, I'll consider joining it.

But I'll never join a group that promotes idiocy like "guns don't kill people".

Ever since Khadafi was killed, you've been irrational like this. Get a Zoloft prescription and a few days' rest, or you're going to drag ScienceBlogs down to the trash bin.