A new island is about to be borned!

There are thirteen canary islands. But there are about to be fourteen. Well, actually, there's probably more than 13 as these island chains usually have a few extra rocks sticking up that people aren't sure about including in the final count. The point is, there is a volcano erupting under the sea in the Canary Island chain and the top of the volcano is about 70 meters from the surface of the sea according to some reports.

There has been concern about the volcanic activity, and the associated earthquakes in the region, and there is even a threat of tsunami. A small volcanic disaster cult has even emerged with concern over a tsunami from the Canary Islands wiping out the East Coast of the US.

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"Borned" Isn't a word. Spellcheck isn't hard.

"Derp" isn't a word. Meme check isn't hard.

By Herp Derp Durr Durr (not verified) on 14 Nov 2011 #permalink

So the movie "Borned Ultimatum" has a title that using a fake word?

To be a little more on the topic, do they know when exactly this tsunami will struck or has it already struck?

By Lizanne Lombard (not verified) on 08 Apr 2015 #permalink