Restoring Eyesight

Have a look at this story.

The first blind patients to be fitted with electronic eye implants in a UK clinical trial have regained "useful vision" only weeks after surgery....

The implants are basically little camera chips that get hooked up to the neural circuitry in the eye. The results are not normal human developed vision, but the patients can see stuff.

Having gotten your attention with that remarkable story, let me remind you of this:

Dining In The Dark: Hope for Retinal Disease

Thank you very much.

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Ian thanks for pointing that out. I had noticed and I passed that info on.

I strongly suspect that this is actually a good thing rather than a bad thing. The Branding is just around the corner. I regard this glitch to be the equivalent of the maternity nurse looking up between your legs and saying "Oh! 9 centimeters!"

Or at least, that's what I hope!


From my end, the Cardinals have gone into the room and we're waiting for smoke.