Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories

Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories will be officially released on August 28th, though you can of course get it now if you click on this secret link (or this secret link for the Kindle edition).

I just received a press release for the book, and thought I'd pass it on to you.

Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories will be released August 28th

“A chorus not of arguments and positions but of shared human lives . . . At turns smart, funny, and deeply touching.”Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief

ST. PAUL, Minn. (8/14/2012) —Atheists have turned a corner in public visibility in recent years, but they nevertheless remain one of America’s most misunderstood and mistrusted groups of people. A new anthology, Atheist Voices of Minnesota, attempts to address these preconceptions by letting thirty-six atheists from Minnesota openly share their personal and unique stories. The results are touching, fascinating, and diverse.

Since this is a cross section of how everyday atheists think and feel, this collection is an excellent introduction to atheism, and will inspire other atheists to come out to their family and friends. It includes contributions from well known atheists, such as PZ Myers, the world's most popular atheist blogger, and Chris Stedman, a Huffington Post and Washington Post blogger. But it also contains previously unheard voices, part of its power and uniqueness.

The book has already received endorsements from major figures in the freethought community, and has a foreword by Greta Christina, a prominent atheist blogger, speaker, and author. Kendyl Gibbons, senior minister of the First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis, writes that the authors’ “thoughtful perspectives will be illuminating to people of any faith, or none.”

Several upcoming events offer a chance to hear from contributors, including:

  • Aug 26: Atheists Talk radio show, on AM 950 KTNF at 9am, will be devoted to the book
  • Aug 28: Official publication date of Atheist Voices of Minnesota
  • Sep 16: The Minnesota Atheist public lecture at Southdale Library in Edina from 2 – 3:30pm will be devoted to author readings from the book. PZ Myers is one of the authors reading
  • Oct 10: Several authors will read from the book at 7pm at Barnes & Noble in the HarMar Mall in Rosedale
  • ct 13: Author reading at Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bloomington, MN, at 10:30am

For a complete and updated listing of events, visit Freethought House.

Atheist Voices of Minnesota is published by Freethought House. All net proceeds will go to Minnesota Atheists, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with authors, editors, designers, and other volunteers receiving no financial benefit. Minnesota Atheists is Minnesota's oldest, largest, and most active atheist organization. Its mission is to promote the positive contributions of atheism to society and to maintain separation of state and church. For more information, visit


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I am 80 years old. And I wasted a lot of years being wary of what "people" would think of me were I to suddenly announce that I did not believe *any* of the fairytale stories/myths about a supernatural superhero residing---supposedly, somewhere in an endless Valhalla called "Heaven". Ah, but it's the 21st century and the sweet scent of Reason, rational thinking and *Science* could save our planet........shooting the empty-headed, moronic, self righteous, pompously full-'of-it GOP presidential candidate couldn't hurt either, I suppose......Nah, Mittens would just wind up as a martyr and probably be anointed by the Mormon sect as a true martyr. ????

By Lorraine O'Connor (not verified) on 17 Aug 2012 #permalink