Anyone for a game of pong?

When I look at the Atari Arcade, I get a bunch of gobbledygook but if I click on individual links to individual games, I get an interesting experiment in HTML 5.0 demonstrating old fashioned character-based-graphic style games. Here are the links, but I suggest right-clicking and opening in a new window or tab so you can more cleanly shut them down if you get stuck. In other words, attempting to use the most advanced web-based programming language/markup tool to emulate ancient games is kind of like Dr. Who crossing his own time line and all sorts of bad things can happen.

The Atari Arcade

When I was in Middle School, I wrote my own TTY aware Lunar Lander program that ran on a Univac 1108, and later, a version of Pong that ran on a TRS80. What did you do in Middle School?

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Middle School was pet black widow spiders, re-articulated jackrabbit skeletons, and a totally awesome rock collection. (It really was. Growing up next to a borax mine has some advantages.) I did not really have access to any computer before I got to High School. At that point, I did get a chance to write actual programs; on punch cards, no less. Never saw a teletype until I was in college.

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If this is a computer question, I reached my peak in programming. This was a one liner program in C64 basic that was a sort of a screensaver printing randomly colored spacebar characters in an infinite loop.

Star Trek. Lots and lots of versions of Star Trek.

In middle school, I was mastering the C and D scales of a hand-me-down sliderule.