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A few climate change related items I know you will be interested in, especially since you will want to be very current for the big event Tuesday.

There is now a new profession: Extreme Weather Architect. (Hat tip: Paul Douglas)

You may hear again and again that climate change is over, that warming has stopped. This is wrong in many many ways, and I've written about that here. Dana Nuccitelli has this important piece as well: We haven't hit the global warming pause button. Also, see this brand new item for a detailed discussion of how surface warming varies across time.

You've heard of the Heartland Institute, the fake think tank that gained notoriety when it claimed years ago that smoking tobacco was harmless, and more recently by equating people concerned with the environment to the Unibomber. One of their "experts" has apparently claimed a link to and Australian university. He seems to have been making that up. Which, of course, qualifies him to be an expert at a fake think tank, I suppose!

Speaking of the Heartland Institute:

Last year Heartland put up a billboard in downtown Chicago comparing climate scientists to the Unabomber. They made it worse online by calling scientists "murderers, tyrants and madmen." Eventually the group had to pull the billboard down after a public outcry, and promptly lost a great deal of its corporate funding.

Not willing to let sleeping dogs lie, however, Heartland has now landed itself in yet another scandal of its own making, though this time on the other side of the planet. And, unlike American scientists who have largely stopped paying attention to Heartland's anti-science stunts, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is anything but amused.

Yes, they decided to mess with the Chinese. It is not going well for them.

Meanwhile over on Fox, climate expert Donald Trump explains why global warming is not real.

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Meanwhile over on Fox, climate expert Donald Trump

I was drinking when I read that! CURSE YOU! Now I have to clean my monitor from the results of an unexpected laughing fit....

By Calli Arcale (not verified) on 24 Jun 2013 #permalink

Meanwhile over on Fox, climate expert Donald Trump

It's true. The dead Pekinese he wears as a headpiece tells him so every day.

Trump is either a liar or an idiot. Since he claims he knows better than thousands of highly qualified scientists in their specialty, he needs to read about the Dunning-Kruger effect. That might also explain why he believes a Pekinese makes a convincing wig substitute.