Climate Scientists Killed in Chopper Crash While Studying Arctic Ice

I just heard about this:

University of Manitoba climatologist among three killed in fatal crash in Arctic Ocean

A Manitoba researcher is dead after a helicopter crashed into the Arctic Ocean Monday evening.

The University of Manitoba climatologist, Klaus Hochheim, was among three people who died in the crash, which happened around 7 p.m. CST in the McClure Straight in the Northwest Territories.

The helicopter was on a routine mission to check ice conditions at the time it crashed and was travelling with the CCGS Amundsen, a coast-guard ice breaker.

Marc Thibault, the commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen and Daniel Dubé, the pilot, also died in the crash.

Hochheim, an experienced climatologist, was 55 years old and left behind a wife and three children. He had worked at the University of Manitoba's Centre for Earth Observation Science for the past 12 years, focusing on sea ice climatology and remote sensing in extreme conditions.

Very sad.

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