LOL Creationists

Not work safe especially if you work in a church:

2+2=5. Slap. Oh sorry.

This blog does not endorse all of the methods used in this video. But this blog did ROFLMAO.

Hat tip Bunny.

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Today is the Purim parade at the Schenectady JCC, so all the kids needed costumes to wear. This isn't that easy, especially for a little girl (Babysaurus had a couple of different sets of boys pajamas that were superhero uniforms, but nothing equivalent for girls), and was complicated by the fact…
I wonder if the original old fashioned operas were like this, about events of their times, and thus engaging and compelling like this one is. Plus, ROFLMAO. Check it out:
Not as off-topic for this blog as it might seem, I thought this (which I found through Gene Expression, one of my new favorite reads) essay on the merits of evolutionary psychology to be a very good and clear way of expressing my doubts on the subject. He writes: Daniel Dennett has advanced the…
McCain: The original political celebrity: It's a striking line of attack for McCain, who's accepted without complaint the "celebrity" epithet from journalists for four decades. "John's been a celebrity ever since he was shot down," former McCain strategist John Weaver told The Atlantic earlier this…

Funny. Where did he dig up these imbeciles? But...
Religion is a parameter for social organization and ethical guidelines. We may need to suffer fools gladly lest we find ourselves subject to something worse.


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