Stephan Lewandowsky AMA on Reddit

Stephan is a cognitive scientist who has done a lot of important work related to climate change. He's doing a reddit "Ask Me Anything" on Monday, April 14th from 7:30AM EST onwards. Which, conveniently for him, is 7:30PM in Australia, if I have my time zones right.

There are two topics he mentioned to me that he'd like to address, which I will describe to you by citing blog posts:

The climate change uncertainty monster – more uncertainty means more urgency to tackle global warming


In Who's Hands is the Future?

But this is an AMA so I suppose you can ask him anything.

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Thanks for the heads up, Greg. (I hope the reddit moderators have been briefed.)

Brave man!

The moderators will indeed have one hell of a job; but doubtlessly lots of material for the next incarnation of Recursive Fury will be generated!...

Isn't Lewandowsky in the UK at the moment?