Morning Joe: Tom Friedman Accepts Global Warming Science. Does Joe?

Yes, folks, global warming denialism is going away. Here's one more example:

I'd like to know more specifically what Joe himself thinks about all this. This segment looks like a segue, and not the kind you drive around on.

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James Hansen told Congress in 1988 that Climate Change was here and already affecting us. During that time nothing has been done except to try and educate the people that a warming planet is real and poses serious challenges. Friedman, nearly thirty years has been partially educated. He noted that the most of the effects of climate change will impact those who are not yet born. As is typical of Friedman, he possesses the old news truth. Climate scientists have been surprised constantly with the speed that changes are taking place. Friedman seems to think we have time to have a civil discourse on moronic shows like Morning whatever. The window of meaningful opportunity is nearly closed. By the way is there no bandwagon Friedman will not jump on long after the painfully obvious has become more painfully obvious.

By jeff johnson (not verified) on 28 May 2014 #permalink

When was Thomas Friedman ever a "denier"? His book, Hot Flat and Crowded was published in 2008. I can't find anything using Google to suggest that Friedman ever doubted the theory. As far as I can find he's been a pretty rabid warming propagandist the whole time. If you think his long term hysteria is any indication of some trend in public opinion you're fooling yourself. And, only a fool would listen to Thomas Friedman about any subject anyway.

He is not a denier of global warming science and never has been as far as I know.