Minnesota's Amazing June Weather

We are breaking all sorts of records here in Minnesota this June, and not the records for drought (or, for once, cold). It has been raining and storming a lot, and not just in one place as happens now and then. The rains have been widespread and intensive. The flood levels of most rivers are not breaking records because those are set in the earlier Spring snow-melt driven flooding, but this time of year all the creeks, kills, and rivers should be receding not rising.

The situation is so interesting and important that our local public TV political weekly put the weather on top of the show and interviewed meteorologist Paul Douglas about it. Starting just after 3 minutes. Note especially his very important comment at 7:13!!!:

But don't worry, we'll be fine.

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In 2011 we have big summer rains near me (SE MI), which brought on hoards of small "flood mosquitoes" and also enormous ones in the genus Psorophora ("gallinippers"), which even old-timers were not familiar with. So far this year, it's not as bad as I expected, merely horrible.

jyyh, my entire family thanks you for drawing the seriously obnoxious link between us and Osama Bin Laden.

Oh, and go to hell. Thank you very much, that is all.

rork -- don't worry about the gallinippers (which I always grew up calling "mosquito hawks"). They don't bite. ;-) They look like gigantic mosquitoes, but they're totally harmless to humans. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says "Minnesota has many native species of crane fly. These insect species are not only common but are easily recognizable as adults. Crane flies are two-winged flies that are often mistaken for giant mosquitoes. Despite their somewhat scary appearance, they don’t bite, suck blood, or carry diseases. The adults are not only harmless, but they are an important food source for birds and other animals. The larvae of many crane flies are aquatic and their presence is an indicator of good water quality. They can be an important food for fish. Other crane flies are terrestrial decomposers and help break down decaying organic matter."

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