President Obama Slams Donald Trump: He "Doesn't Know Much About The World"

President Barack Obama said Donald Trump "doesn't know much about foreign policy...or the world generally" in response to Trump saying Japan and South Korea should obtain nuclear weapons.

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Trump is clearly not a deep thinker. Why should he be? He has been able to parlay his family knowledge of deal making into wealth and power. He has shown zero evidence of understanding in the realm of science. He has shown zero evidence of taste in the realm of art. All he has needed has been an above average understanding of how to get people to do his bidding, something that many psychopaths possess. Probably the most outstanding thing that the Republicans have done this century has been their efforts to try to put out the wild fire that is Donald Trump. Of course, if they hadn't been out in the dry woods playing with Tea Party matches, and oligarchical gasoline, they wouldn't have got themselves in the pickle that they are now, would they.

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I suspect curing the Republican Party by stopping Trump will be like curing bipolar disorder by cutting the patient in half.

Donal, it will be more like trying to kill a starfish by cutting it in half & throwing back the pieces.

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 04 Apr 2016 #permalink