Why do you avoid using Trump's name? Stop that!

Everyone knows that you never say the name "Voldemort" because it gives him power.

Like this:

And perhaps for this reason, many non-deplorables wish to avoid using the name of Trump.

I can understand their position, and I respect their point of view.

Having said that, they are totally wrong, of course. Trump isn't just some guy's name. It is the name of a corporation, and it is a brand representing that corporation. If you really don't like Trump, say his name again and again, in association with your very criticism of him. Sully his brand. Link him to his own decisions and behavior. Don't call him 45; most people don't know what number any given president is (though maybe that will change with the frequent use of "45" to refer to Trump?)

Rather than focusing on avoiding the name Trump and replacing it with a finger staining snack of some sort, consider getting into the habit of linking Trump with Republican. The Republicans did in fact put him forward as a candidate. The Republicans did in fact fail to back away from that at each and every moment they could have tried to do so. It was the Republican Electors that failed to do their Constitutional Duty and elect a qualified president (yes, that is what they were supposed to do). It was the Republican Congress that certified the election, even though they are only supposed to certify the election of a qualified candidate. And, it is the Republicans that today fail to stand up to Trump, that sabotage their own investigations into his possible alleged illegal links to Russia, and all that. So, rather than replacing Trump with an alternate term, append Trump to the Republican Party where he belongs, and associate them with him.

(By the way, I've stopped using GOP as a short form of Republicans because I just can't make myself refer to the "grand old party.")

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Trump probably loves '45' since it makes him look younger.

Tell me, when has trump used names? Not often. He neither knows nor uses names.

So that is one reason not to use orangina's name.

The second is, and why the first above is a thing, not using his name shows the lack of respect due to this shit gibbon.

Note that Trumpcare, when it was being looked and andpeople going "this is a pile of turd" was suddenly no longer to be trumpcare but ryancare.

It's not "Grand Old Party", and hasn't been for decades.

It's "Got Zero Plans", spelled G-zero-P or G0P.

And it's been taken over by Cheeto Benito, cheered on by the Trumpanzees who tried to elect him - and failed; it was the EC that put his regime in office.

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Trump and the Trumpublicans?

The Republican health management plans:

Trumpshirk and Ryanfail.

The official name for Ryanfail:

Kill Americans Health Care Act or "KAHCA."

Other names kicked around for the new health plan:

Trumpain...... Is GOOD for you!
Courtesy of the Russian Oligarchs & Tyrants (ROT) and Paul Manafort

I'm with Greg on this. Name and shame.

But, but. There's some pithy bileballs out there which will be missed. I quite liked 'Squirrelwig McRacistPants' and 'Tangerine Nutsack'.

Honourable mentions go to 'The Orange Shitweasle' and 'Fuckface von Clownstick'.

But that's just my opinion.

TrumpKare--- Is JUST what the Kremlin ordered!

BBD- Yes,there is some awesome examples of creativity out there, but they are all unfocused and , unfortunately, get diffused. (Sigh) But we must accept the minor restriction of keeping our creativity focused within the restraint of needing to incorporate the actual glorious name or our fearless leader into the everyday terminology that we will all have to start using going forward. Know what I mean? Trumpanzees works. . So does Trumpoos. Trumpons for managing menstrual flow. Trumpoop.

We have a lot of work yet to do.

The thing is, 'Donald Trump' is just fucking funny as it stands.

Or at least is was, until things got a little out of hand.


It's "Don T Care", which is what you get when you tell them you have a health problem that needs treatment.

RepubliKill is a good one, as it pins their goals to their party's name.

And don't anyone forget the "Conservative Death Panels" that are part of the AHCA, the Anti-Health Corruption Act.

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"Other names kicked around for the new health plan:"

My favorite is


and of course, Brainstorms beat me. Sorry about the duplication.

Dont forget that in the UK Trump is a verb meaning to pass wind vigourously which seems entirely appropriate to me.

The motto for Trumpcare: When you really need it; You're not eligible.

Or "Only healthy people should pay for healthcare, costs to the medical industry are lowest when there's no actual problem to fix."

What makes it yet more ironic (and yet more irony, Palin has *some* validity in demanding this too), the ideology is that if someone is paying for something, such as healthcare, then everyone should be paying to receive it, nobody should get it free paid out of taxpayer or other levvy, yet these politicians get a BETTER form of free government healthcare than medicare. They should, if they were honest, cut out their exception and pay for their own stuff.

And since nobody else gets to claim their home a taxable loss, they should pay for their DC homes out of their own pocket too.

It used to be to ensure that the barrier to becoming a senator was not enough independent wealth to afford a new second home, but frankly, there;s no way for anyone without a massive wad of cash to become a senator anyway, so the expense is rather irrelevant.

Cuts government aid programs and cuts government spending.

Surely a winner.

Don T Care: We'll treat you.. IF you're rich enough to pay out of pocket. Insurance is for freeloaders!

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Trump wishes his name to become a global brand. The only thing he has to do to make this come true is continue behaving trumpish.

a new word in American-English vocabulary:

a trump, person who willfully sees him- of herself as the most important and know-it-all on earth, and who downgrades all supposed opponents and opposition to the level of fake and overestimated, and who uses various techniques like bigotry, autocratic, bossy, dominating, imperative, peremptory, bearing no contradiction, ad hoc reasoning, willfully denial of data, uttering wild accusations, character assassination of suspected opponents or opposition. This all without respect for the other one and regardless the consequences for safety and togetherness of society.

Derivatives of lemma ‘trump’

to trump, verb, to despise, having no respect for, denying a person of his or her’s human rights and fundamental freedoms as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948, United Nations, Paris (General Assembly resolution 217 A)

trumpish, adjective, example: this is a trumpish truth of Trump or whoever.

trumply, adverb, example: Trump or whoever said that very trumply.

Don’t call him 45; most people don’t know what number any given president is (though maybe that will change with the frequent use of “45” to refer to Trump?)

I agree with this, and will continue to use his name.

But there's one context in which the use of "45" might make sense. If I may riff on a song by the late Jim Croce:

"So if you need some new health insurance,
And see this House plan, just say No..
We know that "45"
Won't keep you alive.
Give TrumpCare the fatal blow."

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