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For some reason, Facebook is not posting reliably and I will not abide writing paragraphs that the Internet sucks into oblivion!

So, I have a few thoughts I'll put here and try to link to.

Rebecca Otto for Governor

Let's start with Rebecca Otto, who just gave a great talk at the DFL (that's what we Minnesotans call "Democrats") Environmental Caucus meeting. Rebecca is running for Governor, and we need her to win.

I've written a bit about that (see: Rebecca Otto: by far the strongest and most progressive candidate for Minnesota Governor in 2018), and some time over the next week or so I'll officially endorse her. (Yes, of course, bloggers can officially do whatever they want!)

Minnesota's Democratic Governor Vs. The Trumpublicants

Speaking of governors, here is something you should know. In Minnesota, where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the Republicans are children, we are having a contentious time in the State government. The voters gave both houses of the legislature to the Republicans (riding on Putin's coat tails?) but our Governor is Mark Dayton. Dayton, a DFLer, has been Governor for a while, and before that, he was in the Senate. Before that, if I recall correctly, he was a department store, but that was before I moved here.

Anyway, the fight is getting nasty and both sides are punching hard. Dayton's latest move was to line-item-veto the budget item that funds the legislature. That was the funniest thing I've seen in politics since Kennedy turned up the heat in the debate studio to make Nixon sweat heavily. Dayton did this, and a few other things, to force the Republicans to negotiate on some key issues where the people of the state really want a certain thing (like no tax breaks on the wealthiest, some improvements in the education budget, etc.) but the Republicans refuse.

Here's the thing. Dayton's approval rating right now, in the middle of this big fight, is very high, and his disapproval rating is very low, and this applies across the state (though higher in DFL areas, obviously).

The lesson in the madness: Standing up to Republican tantrums is popular these days. Democrats: Do more of that, grow a spine. If you don't know what a brave Democrat looks like, go look at Mark Dayton.

Cheap Malcolm Nance Book

You know Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election. He's on the Rachel Maddow show all the time. One of his other books, Hacking ISIS: How to Destroy the Cyber Jihad, is RIGHT NOW (and I assume for a limited time?) available for $1.99 in Kindle version. Just noticed that, so I thought I'd pass it on.

Will trump stump Comey?

This is the paragraph that was sucked into the Internet Void: The New York Times is reporting that Trump has no intention of interfering with this week's testimony by fired FBI Director Comey. But the New York Times also says one never really knows what Trump will do. And, what the heck does the New York Times know anyway?

There are other, more subtle and less reliable, suggestions that Trump may in fact invoke some sort of executive privilege rule and shut down Comey.

The reason I mention this is to encourage RESIST activist groups like Indivisible, and individuals who are willing to go to the street to protest, to be ready for this. If it happens, an appropriate and good outcome would be swarming the streets.

Why? Because Trump shutting down Comey is not only the next step in this very important process, but it could be THE moment of truth for our democracy. Which is a subtle way of saying, the actual end of our democracy. When the President shuts down the Congress investigating possible treason by the President, that is the end. You do understand that, right?

Or, maybe that won't happen, but we need to be ready.

Thank you very much that is all.

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Hey Greg,

Maybe when they "swarm" the streets, they can smash windows and set cars on fire to get the point across. You know, the typical Democrat way...

Waddaya think?

Ah, you mean like the trump supporters at their rallies, right?

Well known lefties and democrats are trump and his team...


I'm also confused here. Isn't the whole point of the second amendment to protect against the over-reach or corruption of government? Why then are the tiresome windbags on the extremist rightwing in the USA like betty here so against it????

@3 - Ah yes, the Brooks Brother's "riot"....that's the best Wow can do....a well dressed pushing match 17 years ago where no cars were set on fire, no businesses were damaged and no arrests were made....oh, the horror!
Even Time had to admit this "taking it to the streets" by republicans is not a usual event, which is why it is the best Wow can come up with.

Time - "Republicans, not usually known for takin' it to the streets",8599,89450,00.html

No Wow, what II was talking about is more in line with real riots, violence and destruction, you know, Berkeley, Ferguson, Portland, Detroit, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street etc. and on and on...

And of course, the act of Democrats actually planning violence caught on tape:…

But these are the things you to choose to ignore and are blind to all together....because you are a top notch Fuckwit.

Oh, and how is that "corrupt" profit sharing at Westmill Solar working for you? Fuckwit.

Greg - "Betula has never been to Minnesota"

Sure I have, many times. My brother lived in Apple Valley for over 20 years. I used to watch him play drums at the Artists Quarter and saw him at some outdoor amphitheater in Minneapolis...

Strange though, I don't seem to recall seeing Republicans smashing windows and setting fires to cars....I must have hit it at the wrong time.

usmessageboard? Good god betula, you are an ass. I fully expect you to reference a neo-Nazi website for your next "evidence".

"that’s the best Wow can do"

That's the best you can come up with!?!?! Lame.

"is not a usual event"

It's not usual for anyone, retard.

"I don’t seem to recall seeing Republicans smashing windows and setting fires to cars"

Nobody remembers democrats doing it then either. So, yeah, you were not there at the "right time".


You mean when democrats and republicans were fighting? Seem to remember the repuiblicans were there too.

Odd that. You never mentioned it was something republicans do.

And this is what trump supporters thought of it:

Trump Supporter: 'Riots Aren't Necessarily a Bad Thing' |
14 Mar 2016 - A prominent conservative media personality and Donald Trump supporter told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer Wednesday that the riots Trump warned ...

You liked time, remember. Can't call them a fake news org.


What? 1967? What about Minneapolis 1954, moron?


You mean when police shot dead an innocent man and insisted they were clean of any wrongdoing? Why do you hate the second amendment so much, moron?


Where reporters showing what was going on were arrested. Apparently the police started the violence. Damn democrat police....

"Black Lives Matter"

?!?!?! How about KKK? How about Bundy?

How about Colorado Springs, Nov 2015?

US Election 2016: Donald Trump claims there will be 'riots' if ... › News › World › Americas › US politics
16 Mar 2016 - Flushed with success after more primary wins, Donald Trump has predicted “riots” if he goes to the Republican convention with the greatest ...

Time - "Even Time had to admit this “taking it to the streets” by republicans is not a usual event"

Wow - "It’s not usual for anyone, retard"

Except Democrats. In fact, as usual,Greg is actually calling for it...

"The reason I mention this is to encourage RESIST activist groups like Indivisible, and individuals who are willing to go to the street to protest, to be ready for this. If it happens, an appropriate and good outcome would be swarming the streets."

It must be tough being the Fuckwit that you are Wow.

By the way, did you receive your shareholder distribution from the "corrupt" profits of Westmill Solar yet?

Still pretending, betty? The unemployment must be really biting. This would be prime tree pruning time for you, but the council just didn't want someone like you anywhere near heights.


And a pathetic attempt to deflect from the facts of the repubican atrocities killing people and starting riots to whine at "leftists" for being in the same city.


"Wow – “It’s not usual for anyone, retard”

Except Democrats"

No, including them.

Not one for thinking, are you, betty. Hurts far too much.

"In fact, as usual,Greg is actually calling for it…"

You mean in fact you're talking a load of gobshite. Then again with your head so often up your arse, it's the only way you can talk isn't it, betty.

Pity for you that the fact is you've been here demanding that women be skinned alive and burned for being witches in the name of your lord.


The Obama "riot" at Arkansas State University, updated - Daily Kos
13 Nov 2008 - Following Obama's victory of the 2008 Presidential election we (ASU students) witnessed extreme police brutality and racially charged chaos in ...

Ole Miss Racist Riots After Obama Re-Elected - YouTube
Video for obama riots election 2008▶ 1:28
9 Nov 2012 - Uploaded by David Pakman Show
Ole Miss students riot after President Obama's reelection, yelling racial ... There were plenty of riots after ...

Rethuglican idiots never remember history when it's inconvenient

The History of Violence on Presidential Campaign Trails - ABC News
14 Mar 2016 - WATCH ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Protests Turn Violent at the 1968 Democratic ... "President McKinley's election, which was right after the [Long] ...


But they never stop banging on about the old days as if they were some long lost heaven state.


One captioned photo sums things up completely: The draft-dodging racist Ted Nugent is posed with his guitars, covered in stars and stripes. The caption is
"Sure, I threatened the killing of a president. But Kathy Griffin joked about killing a WHITE president. It's entirely different."

All that effort by Wow and not one video of Republicans setting fires, destroying buildings, chanting for death, or even rioting in would think that in this day and age someone would be carrying a cell phone!

Good stuff Wow. Thanks for the laugh

Here Fuckwit, let me teach you how to do it so you don't waste any more of your Fuckwit time...

1.Ferguson -

2. Portland -

3. Black Lives Matter chanting for dead cops -

4. Occupy Wall Street -

5. Berkeley -

6. D.C. -

You're Welcome.

By the way, what do you plan on spending your "corrupt" Westmill Solar profits on?
May I suggest a black hoodie and a crowbar? would wear it well.

You claimed it was all and only democrats, betty. You were wrong. You're not man enough to accept it, though.


And after all the examples of rethugligans setting fires, destroying buildings, chanting for death, or even rioting in general, still betty is in denial.


After all the examples of rethuglicans killing people betty still complains about non-leftists rioting in the same city as leftist protestors (and rightwing protesters) as if there was only democrats in the world.

Because the little pee wee is terrified.


'course when it comes to destroying public buildings and terrorism, you gotta go right to the top in the USA today:
Trump's Attack on Syria Killed Four Children, State News Agency Claims
7 Apr 2017 - Nine civilians, including four children, were killed in the United States missile attack on a military airbase in Homs province in the early hours of ...

"1.Ferguson –"

Where people were using their 2nd amendment rights to protect themselves from federal violence. I thought you were FOR the violent protest against a corrupt goverment, retardo?

"2. Portland "

Where the police started the violence.

"3. Black Lives Matter chanting for dead cops"

Causing zero property damage or being even rioting.

"4. Occupy Wall Street "

Where people were sitting in the way of other people. Boo hoo.

Oh, there was police pepper spraying after dragging one woman up from sitting on the ground. So unless you're calling "the police" democrats, again, not what you claim.

"5. Berkeley"

Where republicans were rioting in the streets.

"6. D.C"

Where the republicans were rioting, just like in Berkley.


So, still waiting for your evidence that democrats were violent. So far the only ones where the people have admitted they are democrats are where they were attacked by republicans.

#39 ATE the link. See youtube vid


Forget this site eating the youtube links, you weren't going to listen anyway, were you betty, but I have to ask, what happened to Detroit?

According to the posts to that "BLM" vid, it wasn't BLM. It was NYC and a year before BLM. Which kinda puts the kybosh on it being BLM, really.

And they walk right past a car with its doors open and the car is still entire and whole after they pass. So a complete lack of property damage or rioting in addition to not being BLM, predating their existence.

But if shouting for dead cops is a leftist thing, then surely Alex Jones must be a leftist,right? And since Trump is his biggest fan, Trumpo must be a leftist. And since the entire republican party (even if some of the individuals would prefer otherwise) are 100% behind him in every venture, they must all be leftists too....

No wonder you're terrified, betty, you're the only republican left in the world!?!?!?!

Just thought I'd wipe your last post off the recent list, betty.

Why not? Only one more.

Wow - that's 15 comments in a row. You've made this blog undesirable/unreadable. I rarely bother visiting a post you've commented in any longer because it's polluted with your incessant ramblings.

Give it a rest.

By Kevin ONeill (not verified) on 04 Jun 2017 #permalink

News Alert!

According to Wow, Republicans have been causing violence at protests against First Amendment rights when it comes to conservative speakers! Republicans hate it when conservatives speak!

We have video to prove it...

" June 4, 2017

Wow – that’s 15 comments in a row. "

I would have done 16 if you'd shut up.

"You’ve made this blog undesirable/unreadable. "

To you. And only because you're really incapable of rational thought or opinion, though.

"I rarely bother visiting a post you’ve commented in any longer"

This means what?

"because it’s polluted with your incessant ramblings. "


Srsly, when you've been here for dick gabbling on about how CO2 sensitivity is only measured in doublings of CO2 and "Mike" insisting that he's read that there were problems in MBH98 and said fuck all, you can't expect anyone to believe that tripe.

"News Alert!

According to Wow,"

Only passing on the facts, betty.

Sorry they so butthurt you. Ain't my problem, though, bro.

Once again betula lies by omission, worthless dirtbag that he is.

Eleven people were arrested last Thursday after one part of a demonstration at New York University turned violent.
* None of the protesters outside the building were NYU students
* Several of the people arrested were supporters of McInnes
* The speaker, McInnes, talked about dismissing “racism” and a return to “Western chauvinism” to put women in their place
* His speech in the student center was interrupted several times by shouts from the audience
* After 20 minutes he chose to end his speech

The local articles place responsibility for the activity outside the talk on aggravations from the supporters of McInnes

Wow says he posted 15 comments in a row, and then states I make the blog unreadable...

Sort of like Kathy Griffin blaming Trump for her own actions.

Way to go Kathy.

"Wow says he posted 15 comments in a row,"


Sorry, betty, your insanity is making you incoherent again.

" then states I make the blog unreadable…"

Wrong again.

"Sort of like Kathy Griffin blaming Trump for her own actions."

Wrong again.

But listen to ted nugent and think back to your outrage that ANYONE DARED try to constrain his free speech telling obama ted will shove his gun in his mouth and blow his head off.

But you sick fucks are special snowflakes and only you must be protected from reality.


Hey, anyone remember when the Republicans were protesting a Trump rally in Chicago that resulted in his canceling it? You know, anti first amendment, free speech and all...

"Indeed, throngs of protesters had filled the arena, some wearing Black Lives Matter shirts and others chanting support for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders"…

Yes, according to Wow, those were actually Republicans wearing BLM shirts and shouting support for the was all a big Scheme.

For more information, go to

@54 - overlap in posts, it wasn't showing, You are correct...I was wrong.

"@54 – overlap in posts, it wasn’t showing"


15 posts wasn't claimed by anyone other than kevin, so if it was not showing, you wouldn't have anyone claiming 15.



Hey, anyone remember when republicans were actually politically savvy?

Nah, nobody under the age of 80 can remember that far back.

Dean [points out: * Several of the people arrested were supporters of McInnes

Betty doesn't care, he wants only democrats to be blamed for violence.

Even if the violence on one side is spray paint on a window and on the other side shots killing a young child, a judge and nearly killing a politician.

>The reason I mention this is to encourage RESIST activist groups like Indivisible,

I misunderstood this at first, and thought Greg was saying Trump would shut down Comey to encourage the protestors. These guys got him elected, and they'll get him reelected. W and Rove did it by giving a Presidential Medal of Freedom to head of CIA after Iraq no-WMD. Left went cray, and people voted against the crazy.

Left went cray????

Sorry, is that a complete fiction or a complete fabrication?

Oh, and apparently "the people" voted for Hillary. Which makes trumpililo the crazy.

>anyone remember when republicans were actually politically savvy?

Nah, nobody under the age of 80 can remember that far back.

It's true no one in double digit age(so perhaps no one at all) has a memory before Trump of Republicans winning without Bush or Nixon on the ticket. However, Republicans have the House, Senate, Presidency, governors, and state legislatures. Whether it's useful or just winning for the sake of winning, it is certainly a sign of political savvy.

"It’s true no one in double digit age(so perhaps no one at all) has a memory before Trump of Republicans winning ..."

And nobody called "MikeN" can read. That sort of person with intelligence in the single digits prefers to get their reading from inside their head, where the words don't need to be spelled out, or even appear at all.

You can tell in liberal media whether it is the right or the left that is engaged in violence.

Washington Post:
"In Portland, images of knives, brass knuckles, bricks show viciousness of protests."

Not declaring which side it was, means it's the Left.

Wow... just wow....

"You can tell in liberal media"

Doesn't exist. It's just defined as "someone who disagrees with my rightwinger stance".

Even trumpo, who won on progressive leftist proposals is insisted as being rightwing on those, and the rightwing libertarian idea of an UBI is proclaimed by rightwingers as being leftist merely because they've been told to not agree to it, therefore it MUST be leftist.

Like Nazis. Apparently leftie socialists. Oddly enough North Korea isn't a democratic republic to these retards.

Liberal media is a shibboleth made by the rightwingers to ignore reality as if somehow its political stance changed reality. Hence any news they want to charge with fakeness must be leftist.

"whether it is the right or the left that is engaged in violence."

One leaves people dead, the other doesn't. The right are murderers and own up to it when caught. The left are accused of violence before they're caught and then any evidence retconned to support that claim.

Hey, you rightwingnutjobs, I take it you really REALLY hate the civil war, then, since that was the violence you're dead set against here but on the scale of millions rather than hundreds, and for years rather than a few days every blue moon.

Not declaring which side it was, means it’s the Left.

Whenever you wonder how people could be stupid enough to vote for the current president, remember that quote.