More on Tiktaalik roseae

By Tony Auth. Click image to be magically transported to the Washington Post, where it is linked from.

Thanks, Ian!


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Here is a prehistoric album ("prehistoric" because it's vinyl) to separate UK bird lovers from their hard-earned funds. It is currently on sale on eBay in the UK (click image to be magically transported there). After you buy it, be sure to burn a CD for me. Thanks, Ian!

Oh, that just made my day. Thank you! : ) :) : )

Some of the Evangelicals/Young Earth Creationists I know here in Houston (where they ubiquitous) still seem stunned by the news. But most of them have taken the discovery in stride. The wingnut paralegal next door to where I work said I shall keep going astray if I let such matters distract me from "things of the spirit."

By biosparite (not verified) on 07 Apr 2006 #permalink

It's actually a very funny cartoon... thanks for posting.

Now, for the nitpicking: didn't the first lobe-finned fish, including tiktaalik, all live in rivers?

Additional nitpicking!

Isn't most of the herbage flowering plants?
(Looks like two palm trees at the back and two disgruntled daisies at the front.)
Pretty sure they were much later to the party?

yes, indeed. flowering plants came along much later. and most of them still lack the capacity to talk (although i live with several talented specimens that communicate regularly with me!).

So the next panel is the other flower saying, "Holy crap! A talking flower!"?