A Kitten and Her Box

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A delightful streaming video of kittens playing around and in a box. Music called "Sister Jack" by Spoon. The kitten in the background wants to get back in the box soooo bad. But this kitten took over. How did that kitten get out of the box? I'll post that video in an hour. [1:38]

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I have to remember to lower my expectations for holidays. When my expectations are low and things go wrong, the expectations are met, and I am satisfied. When things go right, I am surprised and happy. High expectations of things beyond my control breed dissatisfaction. Part of the problem with…

alan; since it is a three day weekend in the USA, i thought i'd post a few "cute overload" entries for those who wander by -- i'm saving my "smart" essays for next week, starting with monday (or probably tuesday, after everyone is back from vacation). but i am planning to finish Birds in the News for monday, even though it is a day off for so many of my readers.