Kitten Leaves Her Box

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This video shows "box kitten" finally climbing out of her box.

By the way, all kittens found a home in the photographer's neighborhood. Two of them live together with one family and the other three have a family each to themselves. They live happily ever after. [0:56]

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I'm so happy you found homes for all the kittens. Now please have your cat neutered so there won't be any more unwanted cats.

LOL... I love how they are Kimwipes kitties! I adopted my cat 2 years ago when she was a 5 month-old kitten; she was already pregnant with 5 kittens of her own. They had to be born during midterms to ensure constant distractions of the "they're so cute I'm gonna die!" kind =D

tony; i agree with you, although i am not in communication with the photographer, who lives in the UK, from what i've been able to suss out. but one correction to your comment; all those kittens WERE wanted, although that doesn't guarantee that the next litter will be wanted, but .. well, you know what i mean. i hope.

brigit; as i watched those videos, i asked myself "what it is that i find so endearing about kittens" (moreso than puppies or any other young creature, except baby birds) and i still don't know. but they are .. just .. so .. cute .. i .. could .. die .. ! i am glad i have these videos to watch whenever i need a "kitten fix" (often).

The reason why they're cute when kittens is that they're practicing. If I want to get a fix of cute mogginess, I just have to turn round and look at Jack curled up on the sofa.

It'll change in a couple of hours, when he reminds me that it's an hour before feeding time.


If you need more kitten fixes I recommend this photographer:
When I saw his work I lost the ability to speak coherently; all I could say was among the lines of "oh my sweeeety cutie pie you are so cute, yes you are!" This was followed by my SO rolling his eyes, and picking up one of our cats for cuddly-time =)