Manducca sexta

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Manducca sexta, or the Carolina Sphinx Moth.

The larva, is known as the tobacco hornworm, or tomato worm. It has seven diagonal white lines on each side, and a red "horn" at the end of the abdomen. It feeds on plants in the nightshade family, and is known for its voracious appetite which can decimate a small tomato garden in no time! This one was first spotted on the window screen on the 2nd floor porch of my house. After I photographed it,
it was released unharmed. Although I have seen many tomato hornworms in my life, I have never seen an adult moth before. Very impressive in both size and coloration.

Image: Katie [larger].

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Will it also decimate Deadly Nightshade? If it does, I want lots and lots.



By Chardyspal (not verified) on 02 Sep 2007 #permalink

I recall the first time I saw a sphinx moth hovering to place its long proboscis into the corolla of a Nicotiana flower. It looked very much like a small hummingbird.

By biosparite (not verified) on 05 Sep 2007 #permalink