Interspecies Communication Via Yoga

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Image: Bob Levy, author of Club George. [Wallpaper size]

The photographer writes: This second image (the first appeared yesterday) provides photographic proof of an instance in which a Red-eared Slider and a Mallard participated in the same Yoga session in our very own Central Park. Experienced Yoga practitioners will no doubt immediately recognize the classic Mountain Pose when they see it. Of course the turtle's interpretation is a bit freeform but you have to give credit to a quadruped for trying.

So Turtle Yoga fans until next time: Keep pulling up on those back muscles but remember not to strain.

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Hey Turtle Yoga fans! I tried all afternoon to find yoga practicing turles...or ducks...but failed. Sigh. I think the falling temperatures are not condusive for most yoga poses. But I will not give up searching.
Until the next time remember not to strain and for heavens sake do not forget to breath.