May I Have This Dance?

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Snowball is a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo and he loves to dance and sing. He loves the Back Street Boys. No one taught Snowball to dance ... he just heard this song and suddenly felt like dancing. We're all jealous because he can outdance each one of us ... nobody likes a show off! When he's really in the mood, he dances and sings. And at the end of the performance he takes a bow or two or twenty!! Enjoy the show. [1:17]

Thanks EVERYONE for sending this video to me during the past few days!

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I can't say that I'm a fan the music choice, but I have to admit, this bird can dance to the beat better than I can. This is Snowball, "a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo," who's apparently a big fan of the Backstreet Boys.
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That bird can really rock! Hilarious and you can tell he really likes to do it.

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