Is There Another Harry Potter Book on the Way?

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Weak moments: JK Rowling may give in to temptation and write an eighth Harry Potter book.

Image: DailyMail.

Wow, the latest news is that JK Rowling might be convinced to write an eighth Harry Potter book, especially in response to her 14-year-old daughter, Jessica's, urging.

"If -- and it's a big if -- I ever write an eighth book, I doubt that Harry would be the central character. I feel I've already told his story," said Rowling. "But these are big ifs. Let's give it ten years."

The book, if Rowling writes it, could be a prequel, possibly telling the story of Harry's father and his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

According to reports, Rowling is currently working on an adult novel and a "political fairy tale".

The Harry Potter series sold more than 330 million copies worldwide and the latest book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, sold 573,845 copies on the first day after it was released in July, breaking the previous sales record of 350,396.

Not only that, but the five movies are doing extremely well, too. The first five movies have earned $5.42 billion around the world and two more Harry films are slated to be released during the next three years.


Herald Sun (quotes).

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I read recently that the Harry Potter movies are collectively the top-grossing movie series in history, beating out even the James Bond movies and the Star Wars movies.

"...and the latest book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, sold 573,845 copies on the first day after it was released in July, breaking the previous sales record of 350,396."

after 7 books and 5 movies, people still can't get enough of it.. this really is a miracle, it looks as if the real magician is Rowlings here!

Jessica understands the concept of inheritance. :)

I guess this is a good place to point out Sam Wollaston's comments in the Guardian:

I hate JK Rowling. I think any honest person who writes for a living hates JK Rowling. Yes, of course, it's jealousy. But are her words, and the order in which she puts them down, really so much better than the rest of ours? Is it right that it takes her exactly 1.7 seconds to earn my entire annual salary?

The whole thing should be read - it's good fun.


Having read Pullman and Rowling my vote for the better writer goes to Rowling. Applies to a lot of living writers in fact.

Even saying that I don't want to see another Harry Potter book. A prequel in 10 years time OK.

Obviously I'll buy her other books when she finishes them.
I'm a sucker for a pretty face and a well turned phrase.

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 31 Dec 2007 #permalink

Between this and the Dumbledore comments, I cannot help but suspect that Rowling is realizing she's getting much less attention now that the Harry Potter thing is over, and she doesn't like it so much.

Or viewing things perhaps more charitably, she spent, what, seven, ten years spending every day immersed in building Harry Potter's universe? And now it's over. Seems like it would be hard to put that away so simply.

Personally though I would very much like to see what Rowling does now that she's working outside the Harry Potter universe...